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Oh this is just great

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 1, 2007

As if college isn’t expensive enough with loans, hookers, booze and football tickets…it seems that some major college athletic departments are being investigated to determine if they received illegal kickbacks from student loan companies.

Here’s just some of the schools listed.

SEC: Auburn University

Way to go Auburn…you can’t cheat as well Bama does, so what do you do? You betray the trust of your students by promoting loans in exchange for money, that is a serious issue, especially when Division I schools already generate tremendous revenue from their student-athletes. For what? Something like $75.00? Figures the only SEC school involved would be one in Alabama.

Big Least: Georgetown University, Rutgers University, University of Louisville, University of Pittsburgh; & University of South Florida.

Good God, the BCS conference has the most wannabe big boy football programs in it also have the most schools associated with this sham. I can forgive Rutgers, because the article plays out like a Soprano’s episode. But 5 schools in all? That’s worse than West Virginia’s cupcake schedule. But I think they are beefing up their funds to build statdiums that hold at least 60,000 which would be a joke in the SEC.

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Roger Goodell is intent on crushing the dreams of Pacman Jones and all West Virginia citizens

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 1, 2007

OK folks here’s the deal. It seems that Pacman Jones and TNA Entertainment have begun finalizing a deal that could make the WWE look like G.L.O.W. rejects. However Satan himself AKA Roger Goodell is quick to remind him that NFL contract prohibits him from any non-football activities that could hurt him enough to keep him from playing football. Roger Goodwell hates the 12% of West Virginia residents who have tried to get on the Jerry Springer show, and loathes the 88% that have successfully appeared on the show.

Well this makes me upset. I would like to see Pacman square off against The Rock. Of course Pacman would lose, just like his wannabe West Virginia team lost to The Rock’s Miami team year in and year out before Miami fled to the ACC.

TNA Entertainment is the perfect place for the Big Least soon to be former NFL players like Pacman & Michael conVick. Those two could become a tag team and call themselves “The Ron Mexico Revolution”. M. conVick’s finishing move could be some submission move called the “Pit Bull Lockjaw” and Pacman’s finishing move could be the “Stripper Pimp Slap” and after he lays the smack down on an opponent, Jones could “make it rain” by urinating on him. Damn you Goodwell, that’s quality entertainment, and you had to ruin it. And I was about to contact Patriots running back Lawrence “Koolaid” Maroney to manage the tag team duo.

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