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USC football players revolt against Spurrier.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 4, 2007

Just what in the blue hell is Steve Spurrier doing to cause his players to say screw you coach we’re walking off this team?

“Offensive lineman Matt Raysor and outside linebacker Dakota Walker both plan to transfer, USC sports information director Steve Fink said Friday. Also, freshman defensive back Arkee Smith lost his appeal to be accepted at USC, according to Smith’s high school coach.”

You know Lou Holtz only had transfer…and that player at least transferred to a big school, unlike Spurrier’s players.

“Raysor, a redshirt junior who began his career as a defensive tackle, hopes to transfer to S.C. State in his hometown of Orangeburg. Bulldogs coach Buddy Pough, a former USC assistant, said he is reviewing Raysor’s academic transcript “to see if he’s a fit.

If accepted at S.C. State, Raysor would meet his former team when the Division I-AA Bulldogs face USC for the first time Sept. 15.”

Oh that’s sad. Let’s transfer to the team USC opens up against so you can play against your former coach and show him what he’s missing.

“Walker, a junior from Mays Landing, N.J., played in 11 games in 2006 and had his only career start against Florida Atlantic. Walker preserved a 27-20 victory against Wofford when he batted a pass that was intercepted after the Terriers had driven to the USC 10-yard line with 29 seconds remaining.”

USC was almost embarrassed by Wofford last year and the hero of the game says screw this I’m out. Herban Meyer isn’t having these types of problems. So what is Spurrier doing to drive them away? Is it that rigorous pre-season schedule?  Is it Blake Mitchell’s mullet or Garcia’s hippie appearance? Or maybe they’re afraid to face a moral victory like Quintin Richardson.

This along 5 members of the so called “greatest recruiting class USC has ever seen”, that aren’t playing, has to worry Spurrier. I mean hell, how can you build a “Junior Florida” if the press is against you & now the players are against you.  Somewhere is Florida Herban is toking a joint and laughing his ass off. Way to go Old Ball Sack Coach, are you sure it was wise giving Duke that one coaches poll vote now? Douche bag.

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This is West Virginia Football or 15 no change that 16 reasons on why to not become a West Virginia Fan.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 4, 2007

1. Being known as the couch burning capital of college football.

2. Giving Lou Holtz his only national champion title.

3. Having a degenerate hippie like Steve Tanyhill defeat you to bring South Carolina their first ever bowl victory.

4. Being embarrassed by Maryland by a score of 34-7 only to play them later that same year in the Gator bowl just to embarrass yourself again by losing 41-7.

5. Running off some no name coach by the name of Bobby Bowden. You might have heard of him by now.

6. Knowing that Marshall has 2 national championships while you have none.

7. Taking pride in being the “Kings of Thursday Night Football”

8. Breaming with joy over having the 2nd highest rated game in ESPN History, while other schools rather look to their trophy case instead.

9. Knowing Marshall has produced players like Chad Pennington & Byron Leftwich, while West Virginia has produced players like Major Harris & Chris Henry.

10. After losing the Continental Tire bowl to Virginia in 2002, whine about Notre Dame going to the Gator bowl instead of you.

11. Having a losing bowl record.

12. Pacman Jones.

13. The middle finger of Marcus Vick.

14. Losing a home coming game to Duke.

15. Always being the third or fourth best team in the Big East until Miami and Virginia Tech fled to the ACC, just to have some teams from Conference USA come in, and put you back in to your place…3rd or 4th.

16. Losing to South Florida, a school who 10 years ago wasn’t a D1 program. Thanks Joel. 

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