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Steve Spurrier Proves He Can Be Like Herban Meyer Without Looking Like It

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 5, 2007

Discipline everyone needs it. It’s what makes good players great, and a lack of it can make a great player into Pacman Jones. And the Old Ball Sack Coach Steve Spurrier is installing it, Florida style…kinda.

“Fifth-year senior quarterback Blake Mitchell was one of eight players held out of the University of South Carolina’s first practice of preseason camp Saturday night.”

Asked how disappointing it was to have his two-year starter out as practice opened, Spurrier said: “Well, it was disappointing, but he’s done some disappointing things before. So it doesn’t shock me, let’s put it that way. Anyway, we’ll get it behind us in a couple days.”

“Senior tailback Cory Boyd shied away from discussing Mitchell’s situation other than to say he had “some things he has to do, and we look forward to having him out there.”

Wow!!! You know most other schools would have “given up” on Blake and kicked him off the team, after the sucker punching of an 18 year old last year. But not Steve, see Blake is “special” and not in the short bus way, well maybe in that way but that’s another article. Instead of making him face responsibility, and booting his ass off the team, he is told to take 2 practices off, relax, I’ll give you a little public lashing. Now that’s discipline…the old Gator way. Except the Gator way wouldn’t have the tongue lashing or vacation time.

The matter of USA Today’s concerns about his voting Duke No. 25 in the coach’s preseason poll came up as well.

“They didn’t make a stink out of it,” Spurrier said. “They gave us some very nice publicity.”

Jim Welch, the newspaper’s deputy managing editor for sports, said it was “clear that what once might have seemed quaint has begun to lose its charm.”

“We’re hopeful that before next season the coaches association can prevail upon coach Spurrier to find another way to salute his former team ó or that Duke gets better in a hurry,” Welch said.

Grant Teaff, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, said he planned to discuss the vote with Spurrier.

“He knows I do that every year,” Spurrier said. “He’s just saying to USA Today to make those guys feel good. He doesn’t care.”

You hear that USA Today! Spurrier basically says that Grant Teaff is his bitch…you bitches. And when they do “discuss” the matter, Teaff will temporally be known as “Stevie’s Personal Teabag” for reasons I rather not discuss.

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