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Spurrier To USC “Let my stupid ass recruits in or me and my old ball sack coaching goodness are leaving!”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 6, 2007

In an effort to bring the football program up the standards of Florida, Spurrier wants USC, his employer, to let his stupid ass, pot smoking recruits in or he’s out of there.

“As long as I’m the coach here, we’re going to take guys that qualify (academically under NCAA guidelines),” Spurrier said. “If not, than I’ll have to go somewhere else because I can’t tell a young man, ‘You come to school here,” he qualifies and not do that. And we did that this year.”

Even though several universities with a winning tradition, such as Michigan, Ohio State & Cal, have higher admission standards than USC, Spurrier doesn’t think he can win with smart players. Which one has to wonder…how in the hell did he win at Duke? If Spurrier told Duke to lower their standards, they would get Coach K to punch him in the nuts.

Spurrier went on further to say “We can have a heck of a big-time college football program here at South Carolina if we want to do things the right way, and we’ve got to do things the right way. “

I think someone needs to remind him that the right way isn’t always his way. I also think he might using this as an excuse to leave after this season if he doesn’t get it done, and that’s just my opinion. So all you USC backers, fans & boosters, just think soon the glorious day will arrive when you will all gather around in the horseshoe and personally kiss Spurrier’s ass because “he” commands it.

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