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USC to Spurrier “Suck it!”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 7, 2007

The response by USC to Spurrier, is basically just that.

“SC officials are willing to work with Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier on tweaking the admissions process, but are not inclined to accept athletes simply because they meet minimum NCAA standards.

A day after Spurrier blasted the university for denying admission to a pair of his recruits, two officials on Monday defended USC’s desire to set the bar higher for prospective athletes than what the NCAA requires for initial eligibility.

“I know you want to maintain the standards,” said Bill Bearden, USC’s NCAA faculty athletics rep. “Every student that’s NCAA-qualified is not necessarily going to succeed and shouldn’t be accepted.

I wonder if the Old Ball Sack Coach is packing his bags as I type this. How dare a school official with years of experience tell the coach just who can make the cut academically and who can’t? Don’t they know that not only can God Steve Spurrier coach football, piss on Augusta National greens when he feels like it, but he’s also an expert at school administration.

“They look at the whole file — grades, records, test scores, pattern of grades, the courses they’ve taken,” Bearden said. “If the committee feels like the student has a realistic chance of succeeding, then they’re admitted as a special admit.”

“Hyman said the NCAA’s academic progress rate — a measuring system that assigns scores to schools based on their ability to retain athletes and keep them eligible — makes it imperative to be diligent when screening prospects. Schools that consistently rank below the NCAA’s APR standards are subject to scholarship reductions and other penalties.

Gosh darn it don’t confuse the situation with all those statistics and numbers. You have to break it down Barney style. So I’ll attempt to do that. What they are saying is, if they let every moron in that meets NCAA standards, some of the said morons will eventually flunk out or leave early due to academic pressure. Thus, that can effect future athletic scholarships because the university didn’t graduate a certain percentage of football players. So it’s either let the dumb ones in now and risk losing scholarships in the future or Steve Spurrier can recruit smarter players to begin with.

“It’s a heightened sense of concern, so therefore you have to have people who can ultimately make it,” Hyman said.”

Well that makes sense…let’s hope all the USC losers faithful see it like that.

“Becker said he has spoken with USC athletics director Eric Hyman about streamlining the process, but he noted there are obstacles to screening prospects prior to the National Signing Day in February, the earliest date that players can sign binding letters-of-intent.

First, Becker said high school coaches often are reluctant to release academic information on a borderline athlete, fearful they might cost the player a scholarship. Also, many recruits fighting to become eligible continue to take standardized tests into the summer.

See the school is willing to work with God the coach on the issue. My question is instead of ranting and raving like a child and embarrassing himself and his EMPLOYER in the process, why didn’t God Steve Spurrier find all the facts out?

*****Update to the story can be here USC to Spurrier “Suck It!” Part Deuce.

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Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 7, 2007

It’s getting serenaded with “Rocky Top” by the Minnesota band after
losing a 3rd-tier bowl game.

It’s worshiping an old dead drunk.

It’s losing cases in courtrooms from Memphis to “Tuscaloser” and still
thinking you were innocent.

It’s losing 9 of 10 to Tennessee and still thinking you’re better.

It’s claiming 12 national titles when no one else with half a brain
recognizes you with more than 6.

It’s making fun of other team’s “half a national championship,” when
most of the ones you claim were shared.

It’s claiming a national championship after losing to Mississippi State
and Vandy.

It’s claiming national championships after losing your bowl game.

5 coaches in 5 years.

It’s being on probation 2 separate times for cheating in less than 10 years.

Going to Hawaii to get beat and calling it a “Bowl” game.

Moral victory after moral victory.

Biggest tradition is buying and bidding on players.

Knowing your the best team every time you get beat.

Knowing that the refs are against you.

Knowing that the NCAA is against you.

Knowing that UT owns you.

Waking up to nightmares of hearing “Rocky Top” over and over and over.

Mike Price.

It is watching you go through 4 coaches in 2 years.

It is having head coaches leave for places like Duke, Kentucky, UTEP,
and Texas A&M.

It is having your 5th choice for a head coach turn you down.

It is remembering when losing by any margin at home to Auburn didn’t
make THEM fall in the polls.

It is hoping that Northern Illinois doesn’t show up again to ruin

It is offering Ole Miss walk-ons Football Scholarships.

It is sharing a home field with the Blazers.

It is fans proudly displaying toilet paper rolls and empty detergent
boxes when the whole world can see that you don’t know how to use

It is a Million Dollar Band and a Two Million Dollar Defensive Line.

It is decades of ignorantly mocking your arch rival for being named the
Tigers and yelling “War Eagle” when you’re called the Crimson Tide and
have an Elephant walk the sidelines.

It is giving your head coach a contract extension after going 4-9 and

It is having a Big Least coach turn down a job offer.

It is throwing bricks through your coach’s window after a 10 win season.

It is knowing that Notre Dame takes pride in saying “well, at least
we’re not as bad as Alabama”.

It is having a head coach realize that the ugliest stripper in Pensacola
was prettier than the Alabama coaching job.

It is running off your backup QB by playing him with a concussion.

It is having a losing record since January 1st 2000.

It is being the fourth best football team in your state.

It is refusing to play those teams unless mandated by the state

It is forfeiting games for playing an ineligible player for an entire

It is getting caught cheating while still on probation.

It is having the AD with the most experience hiring Head Coaches in the
nation, yet worst track record.

It is being the team to give King of SEC Bottom Feeders Coaches Sylvester Croom his first SEC victory. Thanks Joel!!!

And last but not least, being the victim of a conspiracy 15 years in the
making involving Phillip Fulmer, the NCAA, the FBI and Osama Bin Laden.

Don’t forget this bitch.

One of the greatest sports liars.

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