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USC to Spurrier “Suck It!” Part Deuce

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 8, 2007

This just keeps getting better and better. If you read part one of the never ending “Suck It” story. You will find that Spurrier acted foolishly and childish. Spurrier paints this huge picture of how none of his “intelligent challenged” recruits are being allowed in under the “special admits” policy.

Well, thanks to WLTX we find that Spurrier is proving himself to be less than honest. Gee, the Old Ball Sack Coach cover up facts to make himself the star of a pity party…who would have thunk it?

“While coach Steve Spurrier has complained about the process, the University of South Carolina’s special admissions committee has given the football coach’s recruits a lot of consideration and approved a large number of them in his three years at the school.

“That’d be accurate,’” Provost Mark Becker said Monday.

Spurrier’s first three recruiting classes include 63 special admits — 84 percent of the players admitted — according to figures supplied by the athletic department. NCAA rules allow Division I programs to bring in 25 players each year.

Spurrier’s first class featured 23 special admits. There were 22 in 2006-07 and 18 in 2007-08. The latter number could go up if any players enroll in January, said Val Sheley, senior associate athletic director.”

Gee Spurrier 84% of your football team are idiots…and yet you want even dumber players. I’ll give you credit though, you have balls to complain in public like you did. Thank God for your nemesis liberal media icon WLTX, for shedding new light on this ever changing story. Now, if there are any USC fans reading this let me and world know what you think of God coach now, by leaving a comment.

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