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Frank Beamer Accuses Mark Richt Of Spying To Win The Chick-fil-A Bowl But Suddenly Pulls A Sabon On His Comments.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 9, 2007

In an article the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran. Frank Beamer is quoted as saying:

“We practiced out at Georgia Tech and we let all kinds of people through there … people we didn’t know, and I thought it hurt us in the bowl game. I’m not blaming anybody … but I thought Georgia knew exactly what we were doing in several situations.”

Georgia coach Mark Richt said he understood Beamer’s concerns but that the Bulldogs didn’t have anyone at Virginia Tech’s practices.

“I can assure Coach Beamer we had no idea about anything going on, ” Richt said.”

He went on further to say If he really thinks I’m some sort of spy then I have a dark & dingy cell in Berlin with his name it. Me being the football furor means I won’t be wasting time on spying. That silly American. Das Hokies abschaffen!!!” which translates into Exterminate the Hokies.

Soon after a blooded & battered Beamer states:

“The last thing I was doing was accusing Georgia of spying,” Beamer said. “And I don’t think I insinuated that. I was just trying to explain to the media why I was closing parts of practice. The gist of it was there were so many people at our practice that we didn’t know,” Beamer told the AJC. “But I never thought that Georgia did anything wrong. I know Mark. He’s a good guy. Please for the love of God please get that message to him. Tell him I know nothing! Nothing!!! Please let me have my dog and wife back. Heil Richt!”

When notified with the message from Beamer, Richt simply said “Good good, Wir ordnen alle an. Das dritte Richt ist für immer!” which translates to We shall rule all. The Third Richt is forever!

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