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Further Proof of the Influence the Third Richt Has on the Youth of America

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 13, 2007

This somewhat cute child has already been brainwashed by Third Richt officials. However this message that the child is saying is surprisingly chilling and true. What are we to do as a country untied against mullets and jorts? Hopefully some law can be passed to stop this madness.

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Pacman Jones Has Started The Ron Mexico Revolution!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 13, 2007

Even though his future tag team partner, Michael Vick, is still battling pesky legal troubles, and despite a court order, Pacman Jones tells the Titans & Goodell to shove it and unleashes the Ron Mexico Revolution on to the world.

Being Pacman Jones is hard. There’s constantly pimp slapping strippers, making it rain, making Goodell’s life a living hell & being suspended from the NFL The tag team of Vick & Jones couldn’t wait any longer and because of that Jones paid a price last night by getting ass kicked.

“Adam “Pacman” Jones ended up surrounded by police Sunday night. This time they were actors trying to help the suspended cornerback, though they couldn’t stop him from being allegedly “attacked.”

Not a finger was laid on Jones on-camera Sunday at the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling event, but several were awfully close. A wrestler rushed the stage after jawing with Jones, but four actors with police clothing tackled him just out of reach.

Minutes later, the studio television screens flashed to Jones backstage, lying on the ground after being purportedly attacked.”

Great, where were you Vick? Huh? Your partner in crime & kindred spirit of the square ring was getting his ass rained on by Ron “The Truth” Killings. I’m willing to bet that Vick on the phone begging EA Sports to leave him in the Madden 08 video game soon to be released this week.

Jones paced the ring and scowled, then picked up the microphone. He said he always dreamed of wrestling when the announcer asked why he came. The interviewer seemed surprised by his short response, then asked what Jones’ goal was.

“To show the world that I am the best team player that ever lived,” he said, repeating a statement from earlier this week.

Jones turned around as wrestler Ron “The Truth” Killings appeared with a beef. The two jawed some from 20 yards apart.

“You know what sickens me? You say something about being a team player? A team player? Allow me to welcome you to the snake pit,” Killings said.

“You talk a lot, know what I’m saying,” Jones said. “You talk a lot. But one thing about me, I don’t talk the talk, I walk the walk.”

See that folks once Vick joins him the duo will rule wrestling, our hearts & minds & all the pimps from here to Mexico. Jones doesn’t talk the talk he literally walks the walk. After all police records for various incidents in Tennessee and Georgia show five different arrests.

His sixth arrest came in June when he was booked by Las Vegas police in the most serious case. He is under indictment there on two felony counts of coercion stemming from a February fight at a strip club that left a bouncer, a former wrestler himself, paralyzed. And not once through any of these incidents has Jones used his devastating finishing move “the rain making stripper slap”. If Jones could only count as well as he can break the law and wrestle he would be king. Because according to him he’s only been arrested twice.

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