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Joakim Noah Makes It Official That He’s a Pussy

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 14, 2007

Joakim Noah America’s favorite “So You Think You Can Dance” reject or as I like to call him, the People’s Princess has made it officially known that in fact he’s a pussy. Actually he’s worse than that, he’s officially a French citizen.

“Noah was born in New York and is also a U.S. citizen. So in theory, he could play in the 2008 Olympics for either Franch, Sweden or the U.S., although it is highly unlikely he would make the U.S. team”

First of all I didn’t misspell “France” that’s how it actually appears. Way to go, your proof reader must have went to Ole Miss or Alabama. I love the line about it’s highly unlikely would make the US team, that’s golden. I thought it was highly unlikely that he’s a man or at least a straight one. And WTF is up with that suit and Orville Redenbacher bow tie? I think David Stern needs to have Ron Artest kick his ass on general principle alone.

Noah also has his own web site. And no it isn’t some site dedicated to the “alternative” lifestyle of being a French trannie who takes cheap shots against University of Kentucky cheerleaders. But bad pictures of him are found there similar to this one on the left. Just look at the gap he/she is has! You could dock a space shuttle there and still have room for his glittery sequence evening gowns wardrobe.

I’m really surprised the Bulls wasted their draft pick on this joker. And apparently I’m not the only one.

“He needs to put on weight to play inside in the NBA, but he doesn’t have the offensive skills to play on the perimeter. His shot form is very unorthodox and inefficient, utilizing side spin, and may need to be completely reworked if he wants to extend his range. Doesn’t appear to have the skills to ever be more than a role player in the NBA.”

First off never call a woman or transvestite “skinny”, they’ll just binge eat and throw up until the “Golden Girls” marathon is over. By unorthodox and inefficient I think the author means he can’t shoot for shit, but he makes a pretty male. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Bulls fans react to him, I’m betting he’s stabbed by a fan within the first 10 games of the season. This is his dad to the right…maybe they could do a Gap commercial together.

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