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Michael Vick Considers Leaving Madden NFL 08 Video Game For Dog’s Life Video Game

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 15, 2007

Micheal Vick’s world is crushing down around him. He is going to be discussing the option of getting ass raped, shanked and working in the laundry area at a soon to be name federal resort prison.

Two attorneys for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick are in negotiations with federal prosecutors about a possible plea deal in the felony dogfighting case, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday.

The lawyers will speak with Vick on a conference call sometime Tuesday and might make an announcement this afternoon, the Journal-Constitution said.

A source close to the investigation told ESPN that Vick has until Friday to make up his mind whether to accept a plea agreement. Otherwise a superseding indictment will be filed and Vick will face at least two more federal dogfighting charges.”

Surely he will serve time, and rightfully so. But allow my to pull a Lee Corso here: “Not so fast my friends

“Lawyers representing Michael Vick on federal dogfighting charges are trying to negotiate a plea agreement that would include less than the year of prison time that prosecutors have offered, ESPN learned on Tuesday.

A source also said that Vick’s attorneys have recommended that the embattled quarterback accept a deal if it includes less than a year of jail time, but he has not decided whether to fight the charges.

Wait, less than a year? WTF? Anyone who abuses animals deserves a lot more than prison time, but that’s just mine and about 95% of this countries opinion. In all seriousness, if you fail to understand what happens to the dogs then click here and remember this was one of the lucky ones! Pretty fucking heartbreaking & sick isn’t it?

OK, time to be humorous again. I’m not putting much stock into the story ESP(Please fire Mark “Lazy Eye” May)N is running. In fact I will be very surprised if the feds agree to less than a year. Why should they? All of his “dawgs” and family are turning against him quicker than Marcus Vick can flip off the West Virginia student section. So why offer a deal that light?

So let’s say he does go to prison, what about after prison? Will he be able to go back too the NFL? I’m certain the Cleveland Browns will pass that offer up, even though Brady Quinn seems to be a douche bag. Michael Ron Mexico Vick as already lost millions in endorsements. Rumor has it that Pacman Jones is set to leave The Ron Mexico Revolution. I’m fairly certain getting a job in airline security is out and Peta isn’t hiring. Hey but McDonalds is ALWAYS hiring, but after some past incidents with his equally jack off brother Marcus like seen above, he better try BK instead.


There is only be one avenue of revenue I can figure out for scum bucket Vick. Broker a deal with the makers of Dog’s Life and pray that God doesn’t cause you die a horrible slow death, the way you should die. To the left is a sneak peak of the cover for “Dog’s Life 2, Neuter the Bitch Vick” (A special thank you to Stacee for supplying the pic)








Click to see a live action shot of the game —>





17 Responses to “Michael Vick Considers Leaving Madden NFL 08 Video Game For Dog’s Life Video Game”

  1. jukeofurl said

    Having endured the pro-Vick & anti-Vick eras here in Blacksburg, I agree with you in principal. Recidivism rates aside, I will maintain my alternative thought, which is to make creeps who do this stuff put their money behind cleaning it up.

    BTW if my ma slept with Wilt, I am highly pissed, because I am only 5′ 10″. AND I can’t hit from the top of the key, all alone, on a Sunday morning. . ..

  2. No I totally agree with you about your form of punishment, but who says you can’t do both? After all the feds can freeze his assets and the judge can make the things you suggested as a condition of his parole.

  3. abarclay12 said

    Michael Vick is total trash. What he did is disgusting. To spend less than a year in prison for what he did to those dogs is so ridiculous.

    Now then, I have an idea that the NFL should have a new expansion team full of the league’s trash players, the convicts, the sex offenders, and the generally morally undesirables. I think they’d be pretty indimidating, and their fanbase would be Hi-larious to check out. What do you think? Should I write a blog about it?

  4. Do it…don’t forget to mention the team’s cheerleaders also. Courtney Love, Paris etc etc etc. But also throw in some like Susan Smith & Andrea Yates.

  5. abarclay12 said

    Oh my god. That is messed up. I love it.

  6. Joel said

    If you’re gonna do that expansion team, make OJ Simpson VP of Player Personnel. Something tells me that he would be able toscout out talent for this team. Just keep him away from the cheerleaders…

  7. Sam said

    Michael Vick is lucky he has only one life becuase he deserves to be tortured, abused and murdered multiple times! What an example to America– being an appalling, brutal and ignorant sh*t. Michael Vick, go to hell!

  8. monique said

    Asshole Michael Vick should get life in prison without parole. He doesn’t deserve to go back to his multi million dollar estate after what he’s done!!

  9. JOSEPH said

    Well, really is so nasty this guy and think in the jail is just a trip you know. How could hi that horrible thing to that animals and the justice only think in put him in jail? Really he only needs a serious lesson, with many pitbull trained to kill him and so hi would feel the same sentations that them.

  10. gerald said

    Please, folks, don’t call this piece of human filth an SOB. Think what it means and you’ll realize it’s a compliment to this pathetic piece of human garbage.

  11. Jeff said


  12. gilbert said

    your mother is bitch

  13. PEACE said

    Although Micheal Vick did horrible things we don’t need to talk about him calling him garbage and such. He is a human being who did some horribe and stupid things. Let’s hope that his sentence and fines will give him time to reflect and see the error of his ways. Let’s pray for that. And let us all try to show love and compassion to each other, so that maybe we can help someone elso who would do somthing horrible. Having compassion can change others as well as changing you.

  14. Nicely put Peace…but I still don’t like him.

  15. ally said

    he should burn in hell the stoopid fucker LESS THAN A YEAR IN PRISON NO HE deserves LIFE

    i saw the pik of that poor helpless god *so sad*

  16. Miregirl said

    Michael Vick sucks! He should have spoke to a professional about investments instead of his low life homeboys.

  17. I’m in complete agreement Miregirl

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