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Spurrier Shows the College Football World Why It Pays To Have A Johnnie Cochran Jr.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 17, 2007

With all the turmoil that has surrounded the USC thug-ball football program within the past 3 years. One has to wonder why the thugs that were arrested players that have shown poor decision skills never really serve time. That answer is clear, his name is Neal Lourie, or known in the USC circle as Johnie Cochran Jr. And he has struck yet again.

“According to Richardson’s attorney, Neal Lourie, the simple possession charge will be dropped in six months. Lourie say it’s called a conditional discharge and it can only be used for a simple possession charge, first offense. What this means is if Richardson stays out of legal trouble for six months, the charge against him will be dropped.

Richardson served a brief suspension from the football team following his arrest, but was reinstated and has been practicing with the Gamecocks in preseason camp.”

I love it…really I do. Be good for 6 months and you’re off the hook, and when six months and one day passes you can break the law “Florida Gators” style. In case you don’t remember Richardson, he’s the one that got the first 2007 moral victory for the Lame no make that Shame Gamecocks after beating down someone one just to get stabbed in the arm and lower back. He fought hard until the end…it was in essence a moral win. By the way when the press says brief suspension they really mean it…like a day maybe two…that Spurrier discipline reigns supreme.

The real story here is Neal Lourie. He’s the official thug-cock USC football team attorney. Just ask Stephen Garcia. After all Lourie got him off the hook for keying a professors car. He intervened for Blake Mitchell when he sucker punched a bouncer last year. The man is a litigation machine. And he is very successful.

“Neal Lourie doesn’t come off the bench for the Gamecocks — he approaches it. In his own way, Lourie is helping out the home team. He’s been the go-to guy for USC athletes who find themselves facing more than a technical foul or a lane violation. This year alone, the 39-year-old Columbia lawyer has represented four USC student-athletes arrested on criminal charges, including quarterbacks Blake Mitchell and Stephen Garcia. Lourie has delivered:

** Charges against Mitchell were dropped in September by a Five Points bouncer who accused the quarterback of punching him in the head for refusing to admit underage girls into Pavlov’s bar.

* In March, a driving with a suspended license charge was dropped against basketball player Tre’ Kelley, who had unpaid speeding tickets. ** In 2005, Lourie helped craft a plea agreement for receiver David Smith, who pleaded guilty to third-degree burglary”

Neal Lourie the USC MVP. I have a feeling he isn’t cheap though. Maybe Michael Vick can hire him to defend him in the quintillion dollar lawsuit.

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Pacman Jones Vows To Get Spoaty With It

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 17, 2007

That’s right folks just when you thought the music industry has sunken to a new low with entertainers like Creed, Nickelback, Barry Manilow & Celine Dion. Pacman Jones is preparing to journey down the path that several losers athletes such as Ron Artest, Chris Webber & William “I Wanna Be On Yo! MTV Raps” Shatner have and release a hip hop album.

“His National Street League Records, based in Atlanta, announced Wednesday that Jones will team with producer Spoaty in a duo called “Posterboyz” with their first single “Let it Shine” being released Aug. 27. The song talks about stones, big money and cars. An album is due to be released in 2008, according to a news release.”

“Looking from the outside in, I have been the example for many to see the poster child if you will; and from that sentiment the ‘Posterboyz’ group name was born,” he said in a statement.”

“This latest venture might cause more problems for Jones with the National Football League. Officials are looking into whether or not the record label’s name, National Street League Records, infringes on the league’s trademark, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.”

Wow, I bet Roger Goodell wishes he could hire someone for a “rap industry” drive by shooting…and hey what do you know, Tank Johnson isn’t doing anything much right now. And if he chickens out then these guys on the left can handle it. Lately the only posters that have featured Pacman Jones have been wanted posters.

I’ve referenced the Urban Dictionary & the word “Spoaty” didn’t appear so I submitted it. It’s waiting approval as I type.

“Let it Shine” is an interesting selection first the first single. But I have had a sneak peek at what other gems this CD of Century will have. (Note the sarcasm because I’m laying it on thick.)

Look at this star studded line up,

“How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” featuring Michael Vick the other half of The Ron Mexico Revolution.

A cover of Peter Murphy’s “Cut You Up” featuring OJ Simpson

An original called “I Didn’t See Shit” featuring Ray Lewis

A touching version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow (There’s Cocaine)” featuring Whitney Houston

The “Superbowl Shuffle” featuring Vanilla Ice

The CD is sure to go platinum, even though I’m sure Pacman will be the one buying all the copies. He’s such a spoaty.

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