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I Believe Arthur Blank Is Either A Complete Moron Or Completely Gullible.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 19, 2007

Yeah that’s right, it’s time for more Ron Mexico Michael Vick news. I believed Friday was going to be the day that Vick was going to choose when to serve his time, but alas I was let down. That’s because Vick is still taking about going to trial…what moronic douche bag he has turned out to be.

“ATLANTA — Still heavy into negotiations and deliberations, embattled Atlanta FalconsMichael Vick continued on Saturday to mull his options in the dogfighting case he faces in federal court, and has still not completely ruled out the possibility of proceeding to trial on November 26.

Sources with knowledge of the ongoing negotiations with prosecutors, and also with the discussions within the Vick camp, said a plea agreement — if the quarterback decides to accept one — may not come now before Monday.

“At a key moment like this in anyone’s life, you want as much information as possible, and that’s what Michael is trying to get,” said one person close to the negotiations. “This is the biggest decision he’ll ever face. This isn’t like, ‘Well, do I pass it or run it?’ His [advisors] are trying to provide him with everything they can, every bit of information, so that he can then make the most informed decision possible.”

Vick, look at the cartoon in this posting…hello…everyone knows you’re not going to trial. This one “person close to the negotiations” needs to leave the football references out of his statements. Now if he said something like “This is a big decision because he’s wanting to go too that luxury spot federal prison in West Virgina that Martha Stewart went to because he rather not be sodomized by his cell mate”, then I would find that acceptable. However plea or no plea he still needs to worry about state charges.

“Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday that “yes, indeed, we will prosecute” Vick and others on possible animal cruelty and dogfighting charges.

Poindexter said a grand jury is set to convene on Sept. 25 and the case would probably be submitted at that time.”

I know the Attorney general is begging for a plea deal, so it would be easier to prosecute him and in a way I am to. Because personally I think he needs to go too jail. We all know Author Blank isn’t happy with him.

“What’s suggested in those statements of fact don’t match up with what the league was told, even our organization and certainly not what was said to the commissioner,” Blank told The Associated Press before Atlanta’s preseason game against Buffalo.

“It’s sad that those allegations exist and now they are confirmed by others,” Blank said. “It’s sad that Michael has put himself into that kind of situation. It’s his responsibility for putting himself into that situation.”

“From a personal perspective, it’s just very sad,” Blank said. “It’s distressing after six years spending time with somebody, you think you know them and then there’s another side that is shocking to all of us.”

What? You mean he might have lied? No way, look just because he’s probably killed dogs, giving out STD’s under the name of Ron Mexico & flipped off other NFL teams and fans doesn’t mean he’ll lie about something. Good heavens Author look at all the moronic things he’s done within the past six years. I’m not going to say Arthur Blank is a stupid man, but sadly common sense is a commodity in this country. Cut him now, I’m sure Goodell will thank you for it.

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