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Michael Vick Takes the Plea, Secretly Marcus is Laughing Somewhere.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 20, 2007

Today “Ron Ookie Mexico” finally saw the light, and announced though his attorney that he in fact will plead guilty to the charges facing him, and will be getting prepared to get ass raped and shanked.

“Michael Vick’s lawyer said Monday the NFL star will plead guilty to federal dogfighting conspiracy charges, putting the Atlanta Falcons quarterback’s career in jeopardy and leaving him subject to a prison term.

Lead defense attorney Billy Martin said Vick reached an agreement with federal prosecutors after consulting with his family over the weekend.

“Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to those charges and to accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made,” Martin said in a statement. “Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter.”

The only career Ookie will left after this is starring in “The Longest Yard: A Reality Series”. Somewhere down a darkened alley, Marcus is laughing his ass off. I wish I was a fly on the wall when Vick was discussing this with his family, particularly Daddy Vick, it might have went something like this:

Vick: takes a long toke from the bong Shit…I don’t know what to do. Should I take the plea the five-o is offering? Any ideas pops.

DV: Let me hit that boy quit hogging it. Take the plea hell half the family is taking the plea to testify against you. Marcus said he would take the plea and begged the Feds to charge him something.

Vick: Man that’s fucked up yo! I’m so buzzing.

DV: Take the plea boy, you can get better shit than this in pen.

Vick: Oh shit you can? I’m taking the plea then and getting my smoke on. Word!

“We totally condemn the conduct outlined in the charges, which is inconsistent with what Michael Vick previously told both our office and the Falcons,” the league said in a statement. The NFL added that it has asked the Falcons “to continue to refrain from taking action pending a decision by the commissioner.”

The Falcons said they were “certainly troubled” by news of the plea but would withhold further comment in compliance with Goodell’s request. If the league suspends Vick, the Falcons could then seek to recoup part of his signing bonus of approximately $22 million, because if suspended, then Vick would be in default of his contract, team officials tell ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. Martin said salvaging Vick’s NFL career was never part of the discussions.”

Oh man take money away? How will Ookie get his smoke on in the pen? You know the reason Goodell is waiting this long to take action, is because he’s formulating a plan that will really, really, I mean REALLY screw Vick worse than what he’ll receive in the pen from “Tiny” the 350 lbs. ax murderer. At least the league office didn’t drone on about how Vick lied to them like Blank did. Duh…criminals lie it’s that simple.

“There were some judgment issues in terms of people he was associating with,” Martin said. “He realized this is very serious, and he decided to plead so he can begin the healing process.”

The gambling allegations alone could trigger a lifetime ban under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.”

He deserves a brutal sentence in my opinion. But cut the shit about “the healing process” puh-leas. He’s taking the plea in order to avoid real jail time and to start training for the “Ron Mexico Revolution“.

“About a dozen bright red Vick jerseys have been donated — often accompanied by financial contributions — to the Atlanta Humane Society since he was indicted last month. The shelter uses them for dog blankets, and to clean up after the animals.

“Kind of appropriate,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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As Days Go By, West Virginia Tries Harder & Harder To Be Like A 2nd Tier SEC Team

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 20, 2007

West Virginia…the darlings of the Big Least even though they were “destroyed” by South Florida, have been working at a feverish pace to be at the level of 2nd tier SEC team South Carolina for quite some time. It all started by in 2005 when WVU pulled off something most scientists and sports fans call a “WTF? Damn…they really got lucky there” in upsetting Georgia in the Sugarbowl. Of course West Virginia fans say it was supposed happen while rest of the country, who is educated, say it was a fluke.

West Virginia has taken things into their own hands, with a rigorous training program that will let them be more like the SEC 2nd tier USC Lame/Shame Gamecocks. They have developed the same training methods that was employed by Lou’ser Hotlz himself.

“Two West Virginia University football players were arrested over the weekend and charged with transferring and receiving stolen property.

James Thomas, 18, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Ellis Lankster, 21, of Whistler, Ala., were arrested early Sunday, Morgantown Police said in a news release. Morgantown police didn’t release any other details, but a police dispatcher who declined to give her name said Monday that the stolen property was a computer.

Coach Rich Rodriguez released a statement Sunday saying he was aware that Lankster, a junior defensive back, and Thomas, a redshirt freshman linebacker, had been involved in an off-campus situation.

“I am investigating at this time and will make the determination about their status within the football program after all the facts are in,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez recently announced that he had issued an 11 p.m. Saturday night curfew to keep players away from possible distractions.

Neither player participated in West Virginia’s Fan Day activities Sunday.”

Well it sounds like Rodriguez can already punish like current Gamecock coach Steve “Old Ball Sack Coach” Spurrier. With a little luck, maybe a high powered attorney like the USC’s own Johnie Cochran Jr. wannabe Neal Lourie, maybe West Virginia can suck as bad (or as well in their case) like USC. After all USC has upset Georgia several times, they don’t consider it a crowning achievement. I look for USC to fight back, and not have their glory stolen by a team that was manhandled by ex-Conference USA’s Louisville.

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Jimmy Clausen & His Secret Life.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 20, 2007

Jimmy Clausen the prized Notre Dame freshman quarterback, apparently has been living a secret life for sometime. When I say secret I don’t mean blatantly gay like Brady Quinn who obviously got away with it for years. I was meaning more like being THAT little brother with the slight alcohol problem. It’s always the youngest ones isn’t it?

“SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Notre Dame freshman quarterback Jimmy Clausen has entered a pretrial diversion program after receiving a misdemeanor citation for transporting alcohol as a minor, a newspaper reports. Police were in an unmarked car outside the store to catch minors attempting to get alcohol, a police spokesman, told the South Bend Tribune. Clausen declined comment Friday. Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis also declined comment.

Clausen has entered a pretrial diversion program with the St. Joseph County prosecutor’s office, said Linda Scopelitis, who directs the program. Under the terms of the agreement, signed on July 11, Clausen agreed to pay a $170 fee and to not commit a similar offense for a year.”

I bet Casey and Rick Clausen are loving this. Granted Casey pranced ran like a girl, and Rick looked like he was either masturbating to much or to little but, being the alcoholic bootlegger brother now that has to carry shame there. I wonder what if any punishment fat ass Charlie Weis places on him. Let me think…oh I know make him run to Dunkin Donuts every time the coach downs a dozen, think about it, he’ll be going there a good 7 or 8 times a day. Granted Phil isn’t skinny but at least he is losing noticeable weight. Look at the picture…I said look at it!!! I mean he has a “front butt“. And this was after a gastric bypass? Ummm…wow.

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