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Michael Vick Keeps It Real & Admits To Being a Dog Killer

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

The plea is in, and Michael Ron Ookie Mexico Vick has admitted that he is a worthless piece of sh*t by finally deciding to “keep it real” and admitting that, yes he is in fact a dog killing scum bucket.

“Michael Vick filed his plea agreement in federal court Friday admitting to conspiracy in a dogfighting ring and helping kill pit bulls. He denied ever betting on the fights, only bankrolling them.

“Most of the Bad Newz Kennels operation and gambling monies were provided by Vick,” a summary of facts in the case said, echoing language in plea agreements by three co-defendants who previously pleaded guilty.

The statement said that when the kennel’s dogs won, the gambling proceeds were generally shared by Vick’s three co-defendants – Tony Taylor, Purnell Peace and Quanis Phillips.

Vick did not gamble by placing side bets on any of the fights. Vick did not receive any of the proceeds of the purses that were won by Bad Newz Kennels,” the summary said.

According to the statement, Vick also was involved with the others in killing six to eight dogs that did not perform well in testing sessions last April. The dogs were executed by drowning or hanging.

“Vick agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts” of Vick and two of the co-defendants, Phillips and Peace, the statement said.”

Oh well, I see since he didn’t actually gamble on the fights, I’m sure some are thinking that he should be allowed to continue to play in the NFL. One has to ask themselves what kind of human being would not only bankroll this activity but participate in the killing of dogs by hanging or drowning. Do you realize that’s border line torture? A bullet to head would have been quicker and less painful than asphyxiation. Even his own father has called him out on this one.

Some people don’t get “it”, and they never will. Don’t get me wrong, all 3 are despicable wastes of air, in my opinion. I don’t care who it is, it could by Peyton Manning for all I care and my opinion wouldn’t change and that is, there are some things that are unforgivable, killing animals because they don’t meet your standards in some illegal dog fighting match, pretty much ranks right up there. For God’s sake even Hitler loved dogs.

Now before someone calls me a dog loving nut, advert your attention to the pic on the left. See, I don’t own a dog, I live in a condo & I’m on the go a lot, so cats are easier for me to care for. The picture is my baby girl “Snowball”, and yes feel free to note the irony. I rescued her when she was abandoned by her mother (the bitch), at 3 weeks old. That was in 2002, I’ve had her ever since.

See I get “it”. I get what joy animals can bring to someone’s life. Some are heroic and save lives, and some help perform useful functions for the police and handicapped. It’s a shame someone like Vick & Stephon Marbury don’t get “it”. Stephon Marbury actually believes Vick is a good human being.

“Stephon Marbury on Monday defended Michael Vick and said the Falcons quarterback, who the same day pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge, “is a good human being.”

“We don’t say anything about people shooting deers and shooting other animals, you know what I mean?” Marbury said in an interview that was aired by Capital 9 News in Albany. “From what I hear, dogfighting is a sport. It’s just behind closed doors and I think it’s tough that we build Michael Vick up and then we break him down … I think he fell into a bad situation.”

First of all, shooting deer and other animals for food isn’t the same thing. It’s not even in the same galaxy. I know plenty of rednecks people who hunt for food. Now hunting for “sport”, I don’t necessarily agree with, but that’s not the point. You see there is a difference between hunting and dog fighting. One is legal and the other isn’t.

Second of all, when someone is “built up”, it’s common sense to at least attempt to try to live life at a higher standard. Vick didn’t fall into any situation, he placed himself in one willingly. Dumb-ass.

But something strange has occurred, Stephon Marbury pulls a Saban on his comments.

“Stephon Marbury issued a statement Thursday explaining his recent comments in support of Michael Vick, saying the Falcons quarterback “should be punished” and stating that his comments should be put “in the right context.”

“It is not uncommon for my comments to be misconstrued in the media,” the Knicks point guard wrote in a statement released by the team. ” … What Michael Vick did was wrong and he has admitted his guilt. He should be punished. However, he should be given a second chance as others have received for more serious crimes.”

What the hell do you mean in the “right text”? It was aired you jack off. Those were your words, that came from your mouth. No one “misconstrued” anything, except maybe people who thought you had a shred of common sense. Well I’m glad you think he should be punished, and he will be, but I’m also glad your opinion means dick to the judge and 98% of Americans.


I hate Michael Vick.

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.


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Emanuel Cook: No the Old Ball Sack Coach Didn’t Say “Carry the Gun, Be Like Florida.”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

Shhh….you hear that? Yep you guessed it, that’s the sound of the Old Ball Coach God Spurrier smiling because at least one of his players got arrested for something more “Gator” like that didn’t involve the sweet stinky weed.

“Gamecock starting free safety Emanuel Cook Jr. has been arrested on gun charges in Richland County.

Cook, 19, is charged with unlawful possesion of a weapon. He was booked around 3:45 a.m. Friday at the Richland County Jail. The incident happened in the jurisdiction of the University of South Carolina Police Department.

The sophomore from Riviera Beach, Florida earned All-SEC honors last season by both the league’s coaches and The Sporting News. In 10 games last year, he recorded 47 tackles, which was tied for third on the team.

Fans may remember that he forced a fumble during last year’s Clemson game. That play is credited with helping turn the tide of that contest. ”

There you go like I just said in a previous post, I posted just this morning “So a couple more recruiting classes, several felonies committed to toughen them up“, I bet Meyer is shaking in his Nike Air Max running shoes right now. Cause God Spurrier ain’t afraid to go old school. Super USC attorney Neal “Johnnie Cochran Jr.” Lourie is already on this one folks, that I can assure you of that. Here’s what’s going to happen: God Spurrier will “suspend” Cook “indefinitely” until Cook appeals the suspension just like Blake “Bet he had a mullet in high school” Mitchell did, then Cook will be back on the field by the LSU game. So no worries Cock fans, your collection of thugs football team is still alright.

Update 1:07 EST. Media reports have confirmed Cook has been ”suspended indefinatly”, told ya so.  ;)

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.


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Les Miles Takes Cue From Spurrier & Starts His own Ninja Suspensions

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

Les “Big hat, little penis” Miles, not to be out done by the Old Ball Sack Coach God Spurrier, has started handing out his brand of Cajun justice.

“LSU linebacker Derrick Odom III, considered one of the top prospects coming out of Mississippi in 2006, was arrested Thursday. He is accused of trying to break into a condo near campus following an argument with the person who lives there, police said.

The specific charges against Odom, of Jackson, Miss., were not immediately available, but LSU spokesman Michael Bonnett late Thursday confirmed the arrest and said coach Les Miles had indefinitely suspended Odom from the team while an investigation into the incident continues.

Detectives believe Odom went to a young man’s home after getting into an argument with him. The young man called his father, and at some point Odom allegedly threatened the older man, detectives told WAFB-TV of Baton Rouge.

Once he couldn’t force his way through the condo’s door, he allegedly vandalized the young man’s car which was parked in a lot nearby, detectives said.

Several other LSU players allegedly were involved, but police Sgt. Don Kelly said he could not provide details of the arrest or the case.”

Indefinitely…could one game or a lot of games…I’m betting one. Behind closed doors Les Miles is probably saying “The guy deserved it, what a pussy, he called his daddy for God’s sake. His daddy should have told him to man up and take the ass whipping”. Strange how several of the LSU players were involved but “by the grace of Spurrier God” they weren’t arrested. Oh wait they were starters, those players can’t be arrested. At least not until LSU beats USC for title this year.

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.


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Michael Vick’s Daddy Ookie Sr.: Uh Huh Son I Told You So!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

Michael Vick obviously has a problem right now. The media hates him, Peta hates him, most of the country hates him, even the skanky slut that lives in the condo next to me hates him, and she loves every man she meets, for at least and hour or two. But now it seems his own father strongly dislikes him and even is speaking out against him.

“Michael Vick’s father said he asked his son to give up dogfighting, or to at least put property used in the venture in the names of others to avoid being implicated, according to a report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Michael Boddie, who is estranged from Vick and the quarterback’s mother, also said some time around 2001 his son staged dogfights in the garage of the family home in Newport News, Va.

Boddie told the newspaper Vick kept fighting dogs in the family’s backyard, including dogs that were “bit up, chewed up, exhausted.” Boddie claimed to have nursed the dogs back to health.

“I wish people would stop sugarcoating it,” Boddie told The Journal-Constitution. “This is Mike’s thing. And he knows it … likes it, and he has the capital to have a set up like that.”

Next time instead of admitting to world that you knew your son was breaking the law, try calling him on the phone and saying “See boy you be a fuck up! Got any weed?” Then again maybe Vick’s daddy is wanting to be charged with something so he to can join the “Take the Plea Against Vick Tour”, which kicks off in Virginia later this year.

Also developing are details as to what dog killing Ron Mexico will plea to, and again this is not good at least in my eyes.

“The source told ESPN that Vick’s defense team met with federal attorneys Thursday afternoon to determine the “summary of facts” to which Vick will plead, and that his attorneys believed they had a deal. The source said Vick maintains he never killed dogs and never gambled on a dog fight. He will admit he was present when dogs were killed, but that he did not personally kill any of the dogs.

Vick’s co-defendants said Vick provided virtually all the gambling and operating funds for the Bad Newz Kennels enterprise. Two of them also said Vick participated in executing at least eight dogs seen as underperforming by various means, including drowning and hanging.

A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the terms are not final, told The Associated Press Wednesday that prosecutors will recommend a sentence of one year to 18 months. However, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson is not bound by that recommendation or by federal sentencing guidelines that will call for less than the five-year maximum.

Goodell can suspend Vick under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. While the league hasn’t said whether a potential suspension would be concurrent with Vick’s prison sentence, it probably would take effect once he is released from custody.”

OK, now I’m hoping Vick’s Daddy does get charged with something so he to can take a plea. As I have asked in the past, “Why would the government take such a weak plea, when it has all the evidence stacked up?”. I’m hoping Judge Hudson pulls a Judge Joe Brown and throws the book at him. Either way Goodell will never let Vick play in the league again. :)

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.


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Spurrier Finally Realizing His Team Is Mildly Retarded Actually Suspends Players

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

See this retarded looking hat, it was invented by the Old Ball Sack Coach Himself God Steve Spurrier. You know what wasn’t invented by him? Discipline. Because the “D” word can only mean one thing to Spurrier, and that is it makes him look bad. So far he’s shown he can do that on his own and he sure as hell doesn’t need anyone else’s help. You might remember God Spurrier threatened to quit because two Barney the Dinosaur retards recruits didn’t meet USC academic standards. Then USC told him and rather promptly to suck it. Of course later it was revealed that 84% of his brigade of thugs team was mildly retarded, but to really top things off he actually admitted that not only are they retarded, they are Nell retarded because he has to tell them when to shower.

So maybe…he is seeing himself as a lot of USC alum in this area of the country known as the third layer of hell, Columbia, SC are seeing him and has decided to show the ninja discipline tactics Spurrier style on the QB, Blake “I’m betting he had a mullet in high school” Mitchell & others.

“South Carolina quarterback Blake Mitchell was one of three players suspended for the opening game against Louisiana-Lafayette for missing summer school classes, an athletics spokesman said Thursday.

Mitchell, tailback Bobby Wallace and cornerback Chris Hail were suspended for the Gamecocks’ home opener Sept. 1, spokesman Steve Fink said. he three players also were suspended from the team’s first two practices this fall for missing classes.

The suspension is the latest setback for the Gamecocks starting quarterback. Mitchell was arrested a year ago and charged with simple assault after a nightclub bouncer told police that Mitchell punched him. The charge was later dropped, but Mitchell sat out for several weeks as Syvelle Newton ran the Gamecocks’ offense.”

Well, it’s a start. I mean it’s Louisiana-(school of typing and knitting)-Lafayette not a powerhouse. Any other coach in the country would have booted Mitchell by now, but not Spurrier because he believes Mitchell is a retarded thug “special” person, besides who else can he blame the loses on? Most of Holtz’s players have been put in jail departed, and Spurrier, like Oliver Stone, has to have someone playing the patsy. The suspending of starters for a meaningless game is apart of the classic Florida Gator mantra that God Spurrier created in Gunsville. So a couple more recruiting classes, several felonies committed to toughen them up, and of course a little luck, Spurrier will bring USC from being a third tier SEC football team all the way up to second tier. I hope the Johnnie Cochran Jr. of USC has several days free, he’s going to need them. If not then I’m sure Steve will leave for another school…or wishes he did when he had the chance.

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.



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Material You Should & Need To Read. I Said Read It Now!!!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

LWS has an excellent piece called The Great Crimson Lie.

The Third Saturday In Blogtober had a chance to sit with all the SEC coaches recently. You can read the group interview here. Exclusive Interviews.

That nut Jonathan Lee Riches is involved in another lawsuit. Dreadnaught has all the info. Jonathan Lee Riches v. The World Wide Web

Abarclay explains how the get theater snacks for FREE.

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.


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