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Just a friendly reminder to the world

Posted by Billy Bob Bammer on August 28, 2007

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Staying Alive

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 28, 2007

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South Carolina’s QB Blake Mitchell Loses Appeal While His Parents Embarrass Him Further.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 28, 2007

You know it’s hard being the USC QB Blake “I bet he had a mullet in high school” Mitchell. God Spurrier actually suspended him for missing classes, then somehow he got the idea of appealing the suspension only to lose. By appealing the suspension I believe he was sending a message to God Spurrier, saying “Hey coach I don’t wanna play anymore, but can I keep the letterman jacket?”. Now his backwoods redneck stupid retarded well meaning parents go on an embarrassing public rant, further proving the apple that fell from the tree which produced Blake, didn’t fall far indeed.

“I told the father and I told Blake I’d review it,” Hyman said. “I’ve gone through all the protocol, and the suspension stays in place.”

Mitchell and his father, Alvin “Nugget” Mitchell, met Friday with Hyman and academic support director Raymond Harrison, who succeeded Harold White this year after White retired. Hyman said he reviewed Mitchell’s situation twice over the weekend before he reached his decision.Reached by phone Sunday, Mitchell’s parents criticized USC’s athletics officials for failing to communicate with them as Mitchell’s absences in a three-hour English class accumulated.

“I don’t understand why no one called us. There’s nothing Blake’s ever done or been involved with that we haven’t received a phone call,” Nugget Mitchell said. “I feel like if this thing had been communicated we would have never gotten to this point.”

Well Denver No Butt Nugget, it’s not the job of the university to contact you about every little thing your mullet wearing, monster truck driving, redneck offspring does. In fact he is actually an adult and he’s on a scholarship meaning you aren’t paying the bill, so why would they even need to call you?

“USC’s class attendance policy, enacted last year and revised in May, is a point-based system in which violators can be suspended from a maximum of two practices and 20 percent of games.

“I’m not really clear of the procedure and how it should be handled,” Nugget Mitchell said. “I’m clear with what Blake should have done. He should have gone to class. But why wasn’t Blake notified by Raymond Harrison that this was going to happen?”


Again you moron, Blake is an adult, the school shouldn’t have to give him a wake up call every morning to remind him to go too class. I’m sure Mr. Harrison has more important things to do than baby sit your son. But since you mention it, why didn’t you install something called accountability in your son? Look at the picture LOOK AT IT! That was taken in June, yeah he’s taking summer classes seriously there. Look at those pit stains!! It’s rather sad to see parents make excuses for their offspring, no matter how country retarded they are. I have a feeling they have been doing this his entire life, so it’s not entirely Blake’s fault.

“Mitchell’s parents also expressed frustration that they learned of his suspension through media reports. Spurrier announced the suspensions on his Web site Thursday morning.

“Obviously, Blake found out very late — after everyone in the United States knew. And that’s pretty hurtful,” Francee Mitchell, his mother, said Sunday.

Oh for God’s Spurrier’s sake, look Franc double E Mitchell, I’m sure Blake was notified before the media was, what you’re saying is just plain stupid now. These two remind me of former guests that have appeared on the Springer Show.

“Francee Mitchell had hoped her son would be able to play this weekend.

“As a mom, of course I support Blake,” she said. “But even with all that happened last year, I still support South Carolina.”

There’s a difference between supporting your son and making lame excuses for his bad behavior. And what the hell do you mean “with all that happened last year”? Your redneck baby mongoloid sucker punched an eighteen year old bouncer, because the bouncer wouldn’t let his underage girlfriend into the bar. Yeah that’s USC’s fault alright.

Alright you Lame/Shame Gamecock fans who love to send me hate mail. I want to hear what you have to say about your QB’s parents. Post some comments.

So I profess on this day 8/28/07.


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Emmanuel Moody Chooses Florida, The Florida Boosters Start Taking 3rd Mortgages Out

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 28, 2007

Emmanuel Moody who was the leading rusher for USC (the one with national championships) last year, has decided to transfer to Florida so he can wear jorts. He claims he was following his “heart“.

“Former USC running back Emmanuel Moody said Monday he will transfer to defending national champion Florida.

“I followed my heart,” Moody, the Trojans’ second-leading rusher last season, told ESPN’s Joe Schad. “It’s when you get that feeling that you know something is right and you can’t really describe.”

Florida coach Urban Meyer accidentally confirmed Moody is transferring. “

He’s not here yet,” Meyer said during his weekly news conference. Meyer quickly realized his error and said, “He’s not here.”

Then, he paused and said, “Oops.”

Well “oops” is right Herban because in another story I believe Emmanuel Lewis Moody, shed light on the real reason for his decision to transfer.

“Moody, who rushed for 459 yards and two touchdowns, averaging a team-high 5.8 yards per rush last season, left USC because of the school’s depth at his position, citing a “business decision.”

Business decision? He’s a kid in college that can barely wipe his own ass. Wait, remember Chris Rainey, the Lakeland star senior running back, who told The Miami Herald he received clothing, money and bling on a recruiting trip to Florida from Alumni and boosters, but then pulled a Saban and said he just joking. It has to make you wonder. Because Moody won’t touch the ball nearly as much as he would at USC, but when he’s driving a new Lexus and smoking some “herb”, I guess that wouldn’t matter much.

So I profess on this day 8/28/07.


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