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Upon Further Review the NCAA Says Jerrell Powe is Still A Moron.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 29, 2007

Jerrell Powe has been wanting to play football for Ole Miss for quite sometime now. Since 2005 Powe has been attending a prep school and taking correspondence courses just to get his grades up and become eligible. Bless his heart, but the NCAA has declared that no matter how hard he tried, his best wasn’t good enough because he’s still a moron.

“The NCAA announced on Tuesday that highly-touted Ole Miss defensive tackle recruit Jerrell Powe will not be academically eligible this season.

Powe’s case is highly publicized. He has been granted admission to Ole Miss and had been given a window to practice with the team until the NCAA came to its final ruling.

“The idea for determining if student-athletes are academically eligible to participate in college sports is to ensure that the rigors of practice and competition do not interfere with the primary reason student-athletes enroll in college — to get an education,” said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president of membership services. “Mr. Powe has not achieved sufficient academic success under NCAA rules to permit athletics participation.”

Ok first of all he was admitted to Ole Miss because officials there were trying to send Steve God Spurrier a message. As commendable as the statements of Mr. Lennon are, this is Ed “Crazy Bat Shit” Orgeron we’re talking about. Only football players play for him, there’s no time for Nancy-boy activities such as studying, attending classes and taking tests.

“Powe, who has learning disabilities, has been working toward eligibility for two years. He signed with the Rebels in 2005, but the NCAA ruled he did not have the required core courses.

He signed again in 2006 after attending a prep school and taking correspondence courses, but the NCAA questioned whether he had received too much help while he attempted to qualify.



Powe’s lawyer, Don Jackson, has argued that teachers never offered more help than is required by federal law and the NCAA is violating the Americans With Disabilities Act.

“Over the next 24 hours we’ll plot out where we are,” Jackson told ESPN The Magazine’s Bruce Feldman on Tuesday. “We’ve had discussions with Ole Miss and they’re preparing to file an appeal either late today or tomorrow, but at the same time we’re having separate discussions internally about whether to file a lawsuit. That would depend on the timeliness of how quickly the NCAA responds to the appeal.”

First of all Mr. Jackson in a separate article you stated his “disabilities” are dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, well those things eclipse almost every high school kid in todays world. In fact I have both dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, but I don’t consider either a disability. I guess since I can form 2 sentences together, and hold a coherent conversation for great length of time is why. But Powe on the other hand…well can’t, but it’s neither dyslexia and attention deficit disorder that is his problem. It’s the fact he’s a complete moron, look at the photo for Spurrier’s God’s sake by the way I believe he’s retarded strong or just plain retarded, which explains why there is such a kinship between him and Bat Shit Crazy Coach O. I guess your ignoring the fact that the NCAA has reason to believe that someone or someones took tests for him or overlooked incorrect answers. I believe Jonathan Lee Riches should file a lawsuit against you and Powe on the basis of being complete idiots.

So I profess on this day 8/29/07.


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Steve Spurrier Says the Gamecocks Can Play With Anyone, However the USC Student Paper Doesn’t Believe Him.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 29, 2007

Yesterday Steve God Spurrier made a bold statement saying that his team can play with anyone. Even though it doesn’t look like he kept a straight face after saying that.

“USC football coach Steve Spurrier is striking an optimistic tone as he enters his third season at the school.

“We believe we can play with anybody,” Spurrier says. “We have no excuses.”

Well, no excuses until another player is arrested and “suspended indefinitely” which is what 2-3 days or something?

“We’re a very healthy team,” Spurrier says. “We’re expecting their (Louisiana-Layfayette’s) best shot.”

The Head Ball Coach says he expects freshmen to make a big contribution this season, including some of the top standouts from his top ten recruiting class this year. Defensive tackle Ladi Ajiboye and defensive end Clifton Geathers, Spurrier says, don’t play like freshmen. “They’re more like redshirt freshman,” he says.”

Well, you’re not that healthy with a starter by the name of Emanuel Lewis Cook, who has gun possession charges pending against him, just had an appendectomy. Louisiana Layfayette’s best shot couldn’t beat a pop warner team. Try scheduling real OOC teams like Tennessee who plays Cal & Georgia who play Oklahoma State, to start the season. I’ll admit that Carolina has talent, but their young and some will be in jail before this season is over inexperienced.

But what I find funny is that the student newspaper doesn’t believe God Spurrier. And who can blame them when he can’t seem to discipline his own thuggish & criminalising players?

So I profess on this day 8/29/07.


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Emanuel Cook Reinstated Says He’s Really Really Really Sorry & That His Boo Boo Hurts.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 29, 2007

Ah to be young again, and playing for God Spurrier. Then I could do fun stuff like his players and receive no punishment. Such as keying a professors car, getting drunk & running from the Po Po, being caught with the sweet stinky weed and now handling firearms on school grounds which is illegal.

“Emanuel Lewis Cook, the Gamecocks’ starting safety, has been reinstated to the university, and will also return to the team.

A university panel decided to reinstate him Tuesday. USC Coach Steve Spurrier confirmed after practice Tuesday that the suspension against Cook will be lifted.

“I have been reinstated as a student at the University of South Carolina. I appreciate the fair and expeditious handling of this matter by the University and the Office of Judicial Affairs. I understand the seriousness of the charge made against me and believe the actions taken by the University were reasonable and appropriate in this situation. I want to apologize to the entire University community, the football team and staff, and my family and friends for the negative attention which my actions may have brought.”

“I am excited to continue my educational pursuits and assure you I will have a positive impact on the University in the future. I would like to thank you for your support during this difficult period in my life. I also want everyone to know that I am on my may to a full and speedy recovery from my appendectomy which was performed on Sunday.”

Now I really can’t put blame on God Spurrier about him being reinstated as a student. However the next time I hear some USC student complain about how the football players are getting away with murder, I’m going to remind them of this day.

“USC Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier spoke about the situation late Tuesday. “We are certainly happy he’s back with us,” Spurrier said.

Spurrier says he and the team learned from Cook’s situation. “Our players know if you see a pistol, you need to go in the opposite direction.”

Cook, 19, still faces charges of unlawful possession of a weapon.”

Now this I can blame on God Spurrier, why isn’t he still suspended from the team when charges are still pending? Oh I know because super attorney Neal “Johnie Cochran Jr.” Lourie will get involved and poof the case goes away. What kind of lesson is that? You & your players should have already known not to be around weapons, for once find your balls, and show them what accountability is for their actions. So far you fail at that. I’ll even admit Carolina Gamecocks deserve better than this.

So I profess on this day 8/29/07.


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