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Don’t Dream It’s Over

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 3, 2007

This was not written by me. It was written by Joel a special guest blogger. I did not edit this in any way because Joel has something I don’t. Talent. So leave some comments and let him know what you think.

Don’t Dream It’s Over

This song by Crowded House is stuck in my head. After finishing another
slice of Tipsy Cake (magically delicious) and passing out, it’s now 3 am and
I got a crying 12 week old daughter in the nursery. As I pick her up and
give her a bottle, I migrate to the front room with her and turn on the TV.
Of course, northing’s on so as I’m flipping the channels I stop on the NFL
Network, hoping Rich Eisen would be on so everyone could bust his chops
about Michigan losing and I could feel better about the Vols. I was stuck
with Fran Charles and Jamie Dukes instead, not the best substitute.

So as they go to a commercial break, one of those ’80′s Cheesy Pop
commercials came on. By this time, I’m burping the kid and as I sit her down
on the couch to watch, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” pops on. A smile comes across
her face, so I’m wondering why she is smiling seeing as she loves jazz
already. It disappears as soon as that song goes off and now she is dozing
off. Wait, it must be the alcohol, or the sleep deprivation that I have had
sonce our little angel of mercy was born, or maybe it was divine
intervention. Who the hell knows. I put her back in her crib and go back to

This morning I talk to my dad. We’re both a little sad after this weekend.
It all started Friday. The Braves lost a pivotal game to the Mets, his high
school alma matter, Melrose High School in Memphis (among it’s grads, former
UT wideout and current Pittsburgh Steeler Cedrick Wilson) lost to a school
that’s one step away from state takeover in an upset, and he didn’t do
nearly as well in his business that Friday. Saturday, his college alma
matter, University of Memphis, lost to Ole Miss, who is coached by a titty
twisting machine that will probably be fired pretty soon. Oh, and the Braves
lost again. We are both shocked at UT for giving up 45 to a Jeff Tedford
coached team.

As I’m talking to him, that damn song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” kept popping
up in my head. I started having flashbacks of missed tackle, missed tackle,
missed tackle, they wrapped him up, nevermind, another missed tackle. Is
this a John Chavis coached defense, the one thing that even during the Randy
Sanders years was always consistent, even if they were left on the field too
long??? No, couldn’t be. If I could take those thoughts and plug a USB cable
to my cerebral cortex and download them to youtube I would with that song in
the background. So after saying goodbyes as he’s going to church in Memphis
and I’m relaxing in Houston seeing it’s the first Sunday I’ve truly had off
in a while, I’m wondering what happens next, and quite frankly, I’m not too

This was just the first salvo. The rest of the season isn’t looking great
either. The meat of this year’s schedule is still coming and guess which
teams are on it??? Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina. Oh,
they have good offenses. Uh oh. Imagine this Vol team, if this trend holds,
trying to tackle Jones and McFadden. How about a steady diet of Woodson
playing pitch and catch with his WR’s. Kirk Hermaphrodite said a troubling
fact about the defense last year: 17 sacks total. Guess which Ol Ball Coach
likes to throw the ball, even if he has a meth fueled QB???

Tackling techniques are taught and installed during pre-season. A football
team can’t just bust out with Oklahoma drills everyday during the season. And
you damn sure can’t watch a “Backyard Drills” video and watch how to tackle.
It’s gonna be a long season, unless the Vols out score everyone. *singing*
Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over…

One Response to “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

  1. Joel said

    When I wrote this piece, I was in a deep, dark place. But now I see things slightly different. I am cautiously optimistic, keeping in mind that it’s still a long season, but trends usually hold. Oh well, at least Christmas will be here in a few months and that means a long vacation from work for me…

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