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The Isiah Thomas Trial is Trying the Judges’ Patience, but the Part of the Rangers Sex Book was Good.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 18, 2007

Yesterday the continuing saga that is known as the Isiah Thomas Trial is starting to wear on the patience of the judge. Quite frankly it’s about time. While many people would love to able to say they were a juror in a court case of this magnitude, apparently this trial must really suck because even the jury is starting to fall asleep.

“Knicks coach Isiah Thomas denied calling a former female team executive vulgar names, according to a videotaped deposition played for a jury Monday in his sexual harassment trial.

“I never cursed at Miss Sanders,” Thomas said of Anucha Browne Sanders, the former senior vice president of marketing and business operations who is seeking $10 million in damages on her claim that she was fired because she accused Thomas of harassment.

“Now have I ever used curse words around her, yes, but at her? No,” Thomas said in response to questions posed by attorneys. The tape was projected on a big screen in a packed federal courtroom in the second week of the widely publicized trial.

On the tape, Thomas also said that he would find it more offensive if a white male called a black female a “bitch,” than if a black male used the same term when speaking to a black female. Browne Sanders has said that Thomas repeatedly called her that.

The airing of the deposition came during the second week of a trial that has exposed the Knicks to a series of damaging allegations just weeks before the start of training camp. The lawsuit has portrayed Madison Square Garden as more dysfunctional frat house than hallowed arena.”

Wait, there’s nothing wrong with dysfunctional frat houses. Some of the best memories that I can’t remember have occurred there, so by that measure alone it obvious that Madison Square Garden is the cool place to work. I would try to get a job there, but I admit I think Thomas sucks as a coach.

“Robert Levy, an employment lawyer and a Knicks’ season-ticket holder, also testified Monday that he attended an open practice event at Madison Square Garden in October 2005 and witnessed an encounter between Thomas and Browne Sanders.

Levy said he was seated in the stands with his son and saw Thomas in a conversation nearby with Browne Sanders and another man.

Thomas was praising the great job Browne Sanders was doing, and Levy said he saw Thomas place his arm around her shoulders and heard him remark “it was distracting working with someone easy on the eyes.”

The incident lasted only a few minutes, with Browne Sanders pulling away, displaying an uncomfortable expression on her face at the time, Levy testified.

Browne Sanders testified Monday that Thomas repeatedly called her a nasty name during business meetings.”

Well, see there you go. As a Knicks fan Mr. Levy is only doing what is right by making sure Thomas gets fired, and who can really blame him? Then again that’s rather rare that any old season ticket holder can just show up with their kid and watch a pro team practice regardless of the sport, but that’s just me.

I’m sure Thomas might have called her nasty names since she was so easy on the eyes. That’s how cool ex-athletes like Thomas get the chicks. I’ve tried this approach myself, and for most part it works. I’ll be in bar and see a lovely lady and I’ll launch into my sexy mode by complementing her by saying things such as “Hey you bitch, yeah you, no not you with the six foot five boyfriend, the homely one, yeah you! Look skank buy my drink and maybe I’ll consider having sex with you”, yeah that always works for me.

**Note to any women or really gay males reading this, it called sarcasm…I’m joking. I always wait until the boyfriend is off playing pool or something. Homely chicks suck.

“She said Thomas “started some sentences with the word bitch” and ended his sentence with even stronger language. Browne Sanders, testifying in a soft tone of voice, made her remarks during an aggressive cross examination by defense attorney Kathleen Bogas.

She also fended off assertions that her job performance was lacking after Madison Square Garden attorney Ronald Green introduced a series of 2004-05 e-mail exchanges by Browne Sanders and various managers at the Garden, including president Steve Mills.

“I want to stress that you are focused on more ridiculous issues than I can handle,” Mills replied to Browne Sanders’ e-mail asking about the order of the names in a media guide.

“Were you concerned that the relationship with Mr. Mills was not as good as it had been?” Browne Sanders was asked. She replied that she was not.

Greene noted that, in an e-mail to a friend, Browne Sanders indicated that she would soon begin revising her résumé. Opposing lawyers apparently are trying to show that Browne Sanders was in a power struggle, fearing her high-salaried position was slipping away from her.

Browne Sanders responded that she had received a “glowing evaluation.”

After the jury of five women and three men left the courtroom Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch expressed exasperation the case was taking longer than non-celebrity trials and asked lawyers to speed things up.

“I saw one juror nodding off this morning,” Lynch said.”

First thing, what did I say about the bitch thing? Huh huh huh? Believe me now? You’re damn right you do, but I don’t consider skank stronger language, now the term Nicholback fan, is very strong. I hate that fucking band.

The e-mails do bring something to light and that is if she was fired for “telling the truth”, then why the need to tune up the old resume? I don’t know about you but one would think that a job of her importance would have better things to worry about than the order of names in the media guide. It’s not like anyone ever really read those this, and apparently Steve Mills thought the same thing.

I understand this trial is getting boring, but that doesn’t excuse the juror of falling asleep, but things well in full motion last Friday when Browne threw out info about the New York Rangers sex book, wow a hockey team with a sex book, hopefully this info will increase next seasons ratings.

“She’s going one on one with the Knicks, but Anucha Browne Sanders may know something about a little black book that could have New York Rangers executives skating on thin ice.

The fired Knicks honcho claims she told her Madison Square Garden bosses in 2005 that members of the Rangers’ front office were keeping a Kama Sutra wish list they would like to try out on members of the team’s on-ice cheerleading troupe, her lawyer says.

“Ms. Browne Sanders received information from her staff . . . that there had been some book being maintained by some Rangers executives,” lawyer Kevin Mintzer told Judge Gerald Lynch.

Mintzer said the book “reflected sexual positions and things like that that they were interested in keeping track of versus what they wanted from what skater.”

He added that Browne Sanders “was aware from one of her staff members that supposedly the book existed.

The Garden has denied her allegations; a spokesman declined to comment yesterday.

Garden lawyers immediately objected to airing the Rangers’ dirty laundry at the Knicks trial.

“The Rangers situation has nothing to do with Ms. Browne Sanders,” Garden lawyer Ronald Green said. “It’s a different team.”

Lynch barred Browne Sanders from detailing the salacious allegation.”

Look every man I know has a Kama Sutra wish list on the Rangers on-ice cheerleaders. That’s perfectly normal, no crime there. What I don’t understand is that this is a book maintained by the Rangers office personnel and not the Gardens’ front office, so how does one of Browne’s employees know that the book even exists?

“She was allowed to tell jurors about the indifferent reaction she got when she brought the information to Garden President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Mills.

“One of my employees, Petra Pope, brought something to my attention with regard to the sexual harassment claims by Courtney Prince at the Rangers, so I wanted to make Steve aware of it,” Browne Sanders testified Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court. “He [Mills] just shook his head.”

Can you blame him for shaking his head? I couldn’t, but how this as anything to do with Browne is also beyond me. The reason he shook his head is because he knew that he would have to relay this information to the attorneys, and who likes talking to them? All in all this trial has been disappointing. Granted Browne has made it entertaining stating Isiah hated white people, Isiah fell in love with her and the details of Stephon and some slutty intern, but overall this trial is a bust. Hopefully the OJ Trial Part Deux will be better.

So I profess on this day 9/18/07.


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