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The Win Over Georgia was a Start but Questions Still Linger about the Vols and their Coach.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2007

While I was surprised by the Vols and how well they played yesterday, none were more shocked than Georgia fans. After watching the previous four Vols games this year, I firmly believe the reason Georgia lost was due to my buddy John, a die hard Georgia fan. When I was traveling to the Wild Hare Sports Cafe to watch the game with him, he called me and told me that there were to many Tennessee fans here and he didn’t want to see them cry when we lost. That’s the first time ever he’s talked trash before the game. We never do that. Then when CBS was airing the beautiful “Parting of the T” he said it was the gayest entrance in college football, that statement is what sealed the fate of Georgia yesterday. John jinxed his team so if any Georgia fans are reading this then e-mail and you can have address, for a small fee. :)

While I’ll admit the defense played lights out yesterday, I have to wonder why they haven’t they played like that all year, or last year for that matter. The offense was the most productive it has been all year. Our special teams played extremely well. This is how Tennessee football should be played. I just pray it will last.

A lot of people think the critics of Fulmer will be silent for now, and most will except for me. Let’s look at the game and see why Tennessee won.

  1. Georgia didn’t have a big play guy. Tennessee’s heel all year has been getting burned by the big play. Georgia doesn’t have a big play guy so our defense could relax a little.
  2. Foster ran the ball. Another problem all year has been the running game and the line certainly opened some holes. Georgia’s defensive line is smaller than most and younger than most as well. Next year will not be so easy.
  3. Ainge owns Georgia. Casey Clausen could never beat Georgia, and Georgia can’t beat Ainge, but other teams can beat Ainge we play them later this season.
  4. Jonathan Hefney decided to show up. Where has Jonathan Hefney been all year? I don’t know but he decided to show up yesterday, I wish he showed up against Florida or Cal.
  5. It was a home game. Tennessee is undefeated at home this year, not so much on the road. You can’t in the SEC if you can’t win on the road. Mississippi State & Alabama are road games, that worries me.
  6. John Chavis realized he likes to eat. In order for Chavis to eat he has to keep his job, in order for him to do that, Fulmer can’t be fired.

I’m happy the Vols won yesterday, but in order for me to get behind Fulmer as I have in the past, he can not lose another game this season. Can that happen? Yes it could. Will it happen? Only God knows at this point. I’ll be honest with you though. I hope it does happen. I like Fulmer, I want Fulmer to win at Tennessee, but in order to that, positive things like the trick play involving Taylor to Coker need to continue to happen. Road wins need to happen.

The Vols haven’t looked this good in Neyland Stadium since the 2006 season opener when they led Cal 35-0 after three quarters. That victory began their comeback from a 5-6 season in 2005. Maybe this was the start of something, too.

I think it has Ainge’s number on the back.

So I profess on this day 10/07/07.


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