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Cleveland Indians Scalp the Yankees at the Bronx, Torre Set to be the Fall Guy

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 9, 2007

I’m going to try my best to be non-biased here, but it’s hard being a lifelong Redsox fan. For the seventh straight year the New York Yankees proved to the baseball world that a higher payroll means you still can suck, it’s just more expensive to do so.

Joe “Teflon” Torre has been the Yankees manager for 12 seasons but it’s highly doubtful that he’ll be around for the 13th season. George “I think I’m Spurrier God” Steinbrenner has been wanting to fire Torre for quite sometime now. Steinbrenner has been shy about canning Torre due to his popularity. Last year after the Detroit Tigers sent the Yankees packing Steinbrenner was set to fire Torre, but Torre received a pardon with the help of Evil Empire, Inc. general manger Brian Cashman. Not even Cashman can save Torre at this point.

When Steinbrenner was younger, before he was taking a regimen of Viagra, Propecia & Centrum Silver, Torre would have been fired for losing a 3 game to 0 lead to the Redsox :) instead he received a 3 year extension. Which led many Redsox fans such as myself into thinking “What the hell?”.

Torre has been a good manager in his tenure with Evil Empire, Inc. He has been reliable, dignified & sharp, for a Yankee bastard. Possible replacements could be Don “Hippie” Mattingly, Joe Girardi, Tony La Russa, Bobby Valentine (no relation to Gregg the Hammer Valentine), that guy who cleans windshields on the corner of 12th street & John Gotti Jr.

Some Yankee fans would say Torre isn’t responsible for his teams failures. When you make 7 million dollars a year, which is double than what any other manager is getting, you have to take responsibility. Especially working with the highest payroll in Major League Baseball.

So as Cleveland prepares to shoot “Major League 4 Ass Kicking From Boston”, Torre will mostly likely be interviewing with other clubs and Steinbrenner will still be a douche bag. I hope Johnny Damon enjoys the World Series ring he got when he was with Boston, it might be the only one he gets for awhile. :)

So I profess on this day 10/09/07.


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