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“Study Hall Six”

Posted by Joel on December 22, 2007

In true Volunteer fashion, I have taken the reigns and will post about this story. In true Volunteer fashion, players have been suspended before a bowl game. This time the number is 6. I will affectionately call these players the “Study Hall Six”. Why did I come up with this name??? Because Study Hall is the one place these guys did not go this semester. If these guys actually did try to pass and go to study hall, with all of the resources and tutors available, then they should be Honorable Mention for the Jerrell Powe “Reading Rainbow” Award. Man I really miss Coach O…


Anyway, the “Study Hall Six” are made up of the following: WR Lucas Taylor, DT Demonte Bolden, LB Rico McCoy, LB Chris Donald, DB Ricardo Kemp, and WR Kenny O’Neal. Now I don’t want to hear about how there’s a conspiracy against these guys for not getting their studying done. Josh “Peter North” McNeil had 4 ways in his room (allegedly) and he was able to stay on the team. Jonathan Crompton of the “Fighting Cromptons” managed to keep his grades up. In a statement, Coach Fulmer offered these words: “We have every resource available through our academic center for academic success by our athletes in all of our sports. “In most of these cases, it was simply the student-athlete not being accountable and doing their work.” That last sentence translates to “These guys weren’t smart enough to cheat on their test like a Seminole football player would”.

Of course, one would ask “Why didn’t Fulmer take time away from feasting on delicious Luther burgers and make sure his players were going to class and making good grades”? I think that is a fair question. Certainly, one could argue that college is a time that prepares you for life, and Fulmer wanted to treat them like men. On the other hand, these are his student-athletes, and Pat Summitt and Joe Paterno are famous for showing up at their player’s classrooms occasionally, so he should also be responsible. All that I know is that the “Study Hall Six” didn’t do their job, but it should still be a win over Wisconsin, depending on which UT team decides to show up…

Side Note: Shane Reveiz, walk on LB, brother of Nick Reveiz and son of long time NFL kicker Fuad Reveiz, will soon undergo surgery after doctors found an abnormal growth on his heart during an electrocardiogram test. Tennessee routinely gives these tests to its student-athletes, and the problem was found then. Please keep the Reveiz family in your thoughts, especially during this time of year. To the Reveiz family, if you’re reading this, these 2 Volunteers at YMSWWC are with you during this time…

7 Responses to ““Study Hall Six””

  1. TideDruid said

    Nobody can take my Textbook Four.

  2. Our Study Hall Six is way dumber than your Textbook Four. They might believe Bobby Petrino is good coach. Top that.

  3. TideDruid said

    Our guys got free textbooks for some girls that they aren’t even dating…. or even having McNeil like relations with.

  4. Joel said

    Yeah but at least those guys passed class. The “Study Hall Six” didn’t. Plus, the Textbook Four could have tried to sell those books to supplement the “Hundred Dollar Handshakes” from the Logan Young fund…

    Besides, FSU has everyone beat in the academic scandal department. Fraudulent Scores University…

  5. However even F$U passed on Kenny O’Neal. He’s our own little Jerrell Powe.

  6. Joel said

    I thought the “Reading Rainbow” logo was a nice touch. I couldn’t decide between that or “Conjunction Junction”…

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