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Coach Paid Rod “Ain’t Right In The Head”

Posted by Joel on January 1, 2008

So the good coach Rich “Paid Rod” Rodriguez decided to speak, and you know, sometimes opening your mouth and being seen in public is not the best thing in the world to do.

First, he was on the sideline of the Capital One Bowl watching Michigan vs. Florida, as Lloyd Carr was coaching his final game. He was there for the first half, then went into a private box to watch the second half. He then offered this nugget, “This is not my bowl,” Rodriguez said before the Wolverines faced Florida (No. 12 BCS, No. 9 AP). “I’ve not earned this position. I appreciate the interest in the new coach and all that, but this should be about coach Carr and what he’s brought in the 13 years at Michigan. I know he’s worked hard to try to win this ballgame, but his legacy is set and I’m just here to support him and the team.” Now, maybe it is just me, but it seems to me like Rich would have been in the private box out of sight as much as possible. If the broadcast showed him in the booth, that is one thing. But for him to be on the field while the game was going on, it seemed like he was taking the attention off of Lloyd Carr.

Up, next, these quotes about fan reaction in West Virginia: “It’s been difficult and it’s been a little disappointing to be honest with you,” he said. “A lot of folks have been terrific. The players have been terrific. A lot of the big boosters and supporters have been terrific. But it’s been a little disappointing with some of the things with the administration and some of the fans. The fans are just venting at times. But the scope of the animosity caught me a little bit off guard. But heck, I’m in a great place. I’m all right.” If you really wanted to see how bad the reaction was, all you had to get on your laptop and go to any sports blog or message board, preferably this one. However, it is good to know that you’re ok and in a good place. I’m sure the new Sleep # bed you just bought with Michigan money helps you rest comfortably.

The last tasty morsel: “I was obviously disappointed to read in the paper and see on the news I was getting sued,” he said. “I don’t think that’s normal. That’s not normal protocol, I didn’t think. Imagine my shock watching the game at the hotel with my family and it comes across that ticker, getting sued for $4 million. That wasn’t a good night.” Coach, what exactly did you think they would do??? You signed the contract, you made the deal, you left. Plus, it’s West Virginia. They NEED that $4 million. Apparently, someone on the Board of Governors has a legit degree somewhere, because now you have less than 20 days to make the first payment.

On the booster front, Ken Kendrick, aka the booster on Coach Paid Rod’s side, has decided to give West Virginia $1 million, this after publicly bitch slapping the school a couple of weeks ago. Funny, because if you read too much into what he said, you would have thought he wouldn’t give another dime to WVU.

This video clip probably best sums up Mountaineer psyche…groupthink

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Tennessee Beats Wisconsin & Their Whiney Coach.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 1, 2008

Ok the Depression Outback bowl is over & surprisingly Tennessee won. Normally I wouldn’t be so surprised however normally we don’t have the OC leaving to coach his suicide at Duke and another coach that is leaving to be a part of the “I’m 40, I’m a man!” club at Oklahoma State.This was by far one of the better bowl games so far. Definitely better than Michigan beating Florida, by the way thanks Florida.

“I’m excited about where we are, and I’m even more excited about where we’re headed, even with the staff changes,” Fulmer said. “I think that gives us a chance to even be excited about something new and different. I’m looking forward to it.”I glad Fulmer it was a well deserved win. Now shut-up and hire an OC so recruiting can begin. Of course the opposing coach Bret “Ouch don’t hurt my players” Bielema found a reason to complain about the refs. He also complained about how the Vols beat up his QB and stole his lunch money.

“There are a lot of things we can take from this game, to be able to be in a position that we were, and not come out with a win, it’s a difference of little things along the way from the opening snap to the final snap there at the end. One of the issues we’ve gone over as coaches and are warned about, any helmet-to-helmet is going to be called,” the Wisconsin coach said. “The back judge did the proper thing and apologized that he missed the call. I’m such a woman.”

Wah wah wah shut the fuck up. All season long Tennessee has hardly sacked anyone, the fact they were able to even touch your “running” QB says your offensive line is extremely weak. Tennessee dominated in every state possible. Of course the refs did try to help Wisconsin by stopping the clock when they failed to get a first down with seconds left, but Fulmer isn’t crying about that.

When you win you don’t have to cry.

So this concludes the 2007 season of Tennessee football. However we here at YMSWWC will continue to make fun of Tennessee every chance we get.

In the meantime be prepared to usher in a force whose mother is a lot tougher and crankier than Mitch Mustain’s. It’s time for the…

This I proclaim on 1/1/08.


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This is JP Prince

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 1, 2008

Soon the Depression Outback bowl will be over with and then all eyes go to Tennessee basketball. Meet JP Prince and look at the monster dunk about one minute and fifty eight seconds in the video.

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Happy New Year!!! Vols Still Have No OC…

Posted by Joel on January 1, 2008

First, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

But, as a new year is upon us, some things have remained the same, like Coach Phil Fulmer’s stubbornness and sloth-like decision making. It has been 17 days now since Coach David Cutcliffe announced that he was leaving The Hill for The Dungeon, I mean Durham, NC. Fulmer has not even come close to announcing a new OC.

In the midst of all of this, Trooper Taylor, backwards hat wearing and energetic chest bumping Receivers coach, has decided to become the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State, teaming with Mike “And the editor who approved this is garbage” Gundy (man that hasn’t gotten old to me yet). Kippy Brown, former assistant coach with Tennessee, reportedly was offered the job, and the sticking point was not money, but Brown wanting to hire two assistants. Of course, Fulmer said no.

So now we sit, brokenhearted, needing a coach but Fulmer just farted. Along with a few names mentioned earlier, two new names have popped up. Before Volunteer fans get excited, let me tell you the two names, but be warned that you might just scratch your head just as I did.

fbl-coach-loeffler_scot.jpg Scot Loeffler, currently the QB coach for the Michigan Wolverines, reportedly interviewed while Michigan has been in Orlando preparing for the beatdown Tim “Jesus in Gator skin” Tebow will put on them. Loeffler has spent most of his playing and coaching career at Michigan, and has been responsible for tutoring John Navarre and Chad Henne Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, fell asleep…

cignetti.jpg Frank Cignetti, currently QB coach for the San Francisco 49ers, reportedly interviewed a week ago. Cignetti has experience coaching at the college and pro level. In 2006, he was the OC at North Carolina, averaging 18 points per game. Before then, he was at Fresno St. guiding the Bulldogs to 27, 23, 37, and 35 points per game from 2002-2006. Now before one gets excited, the Bulldogs in 2004 and 2005 scored 35 or more points against traditional powers like Weber St. (55), Toledo (44), Utah St. (53), Idaho (40), San Jose St. (62 and 45), USC (42, but in that game, USC was wining handily by a few touchdowns until the Trojans put the towel boys out to get reps against the Bulldogs), SMU (42), Rice (52), Hawaii (70), and Nevada (54). He also was the QB coach for the New Orleans Saints 2000-2001. I will give him credit: he made Aaron Brooks a playoff winner, not a small task…

At this point, why don’t they hire Jemele Hill as offensive coordinator??? This is in no way of any offense to her at all, but I have heard her theories on the spread option, and I think she would bring excitement back to Neyland Stadium. Plus, she hates Skip Bayless just as much as anyone else. Besides, Fulmer will override the play calls in crucial situations anyway. All Coach Jemele Hill has to do is remember Fulmer’s favorite phrase, “Work Like Heck”…

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