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South Florida’s “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” Philosophy

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 11, 2008

Face it folks South Florida is growing into a big time program. At one point they were ranked sixth in the country. They back to back wins over West Virginia. Now they have a potential cheating scandal involving Douche Bag Father of the year Ben Moffitt and alleged cheating, but instead of investigating claims that his wife did a substantial amount for school work for him, they’ve decided not to act unless one of those pesky professors questions his work. This move is a big time maneuver that was probably developed and employed first at Florida State.

“Professors in the courses would have to have some cause or suspicion that something inappropriate was happening and they could follow up on that,” USF spokesman Ken Gullette said.

Hmm…How about the fact his wife and sister in law both have confessed to doing his work. Remember his wife is a county employee so this confession could cause her to lose her job. But what there’s more… he Tampa Tribune obtained copies of nine papers that were written on his wife’s work computer and his sister in-law’s home computer – neither of which Ben Moffitt had ever used to do his USF assignments. So what now?

“There’s really no change at this point as far as the university is concerned. The information we have is information we’re getting from reporters,” Gullette said. “There’s not much to do at this point.”

Of course USF President Judy Genshaft refuses to answer questions knowing that this will affect the schools academic creditability. So instead just ignore the problem and hope it fixes itself. That’s another big time program maneuver, that has been developed and employed at South Carolina.

“There’s virtually no fool-proof way to protect against cheating,” Gullette said. “If there are over 100 students in a class, the instructors have no way of knowing if that’s the actual student. They may not know all the students by name and face.”

All my professors did. Of course they had little charts with each person’s picture and their name typed by it. They used them until they didn’t have to. Now I realize that might seem difficult for USF to do since it would hinder any plans of becoming another Florida State. I love this next paragraph; it clearly shows another big time program maneuver that is constantly used by every program period.

USF sports information director Chris Freet said Athletic Director Doug Woolard would not comment on the allegations that Moffitt cheated or that graduate assistant Patrick St. Louis was aware of it because it was a university issue, not an athletics issue.

That’s right. Even thought Moffitt plays for the university, it doesn’t involve the athletic department. That’s pathetic. After all Moffitt is there because of the athletics, but if he does something wrong, well, that’s not their problem.

As far as USF investigating the claims made by Moffitt’s wife, Cullaro said “it’s up to USF’s attorneys.”

Of course the NCAA might investigate and frankly USF doesn’t want that, but for some reason officials there are too stupid to realize that.

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