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Wow There’s Even Psycho Ex Girlfriend Type Songs Out There About the Man

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 20, 2008

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West Virginia: One BIG Clusterf**k (part 3)

Posted by Joel on January 20, 2008

Continuing the fine clusterf**k series that was began when Rich “Michigan Man” Rodriguez left the Mountaineer State to coach at Michigan and has continued to this day, comes this story, from Mr. Michigan himself. In it, Rodriguez offered these nuggets, breaking the silence he had about the Mountaineer program after he had left for Ann Arbor:


“There seems to be a campaign to try to smear me,” Rodriguez said Thursday. “I haven’t said anything until recently, when I felt I needed to defend all the false accusations. It has just gotten ridiculous over the last couple of days. There’s so many inaccuracies and falsehood and innuendo, at some point, you get tired of getting beat up. It was that I erased academic files, then the next day, ‘Oh no, that didn’t happen.’ The corrections are on page six and the lead story is on page one. I know there is disappointment and hard feelings because it’s a small state and the program is a source of great pride, but this campaign is not helping West Virginia’s program. You’re trying to hurt Rich Rodriguez, but you’re hurting West Virginia. I changed jobs. This is America, and sometimes you change jobs. I would hope that at some point when emotions cool down, that you can see the good things.”

See the thing is, I agree with Rodriguez in that it does seem like in the pissing contest of West Virginia vs. Rodriguez, the state and the school has been the one with the fuller bladder and until he spoke out, Rodriguez was doing his best not to try to piss on the electric fence. But the other thing is that I was feeling a sort of Stockholm Syndrome towards the school. While I was not going to become a fan of the school, I felt as though the Mountaineer football program was really all the state had. The fan base is very passionate about the school’s football program, the state is economically far behind any other state in the country, and football is a source of pride in the state. Rodriguez betrayed the school and the state, the switch to Michigan was sudden, and he rightfully owes the school $4 million…

Then I read this article by Ivan Maisel and the original story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette written by Chuck Finder concerning former Mountaineer offensive coordinator Calvin Magee, who left West Virginia to go to Michigan with Rodriguez. Magee expresses anger and betrayal because he was never seriously considered for the West Virginia head coaching position because he’s black.

“For seven years I was told that once you’re a Mountaineer, you’re always a Mountaineer,” said Magee, a Wolverine now after resigning Jan. 4 to become Rich Rodriguez’s associate head coach and offensive coordinator at Michigan. “I bought into that. But I found out … that isn’t true.”

Now the first thing when I read the title of the article was that Magee was at the introductory news conference when Rodriguez was introduced as the new Michigan head coach. Well, according to the story, Magee said the only reason he got on that plane with Rodriguez was because of a conversation he had with an administrator at WVU. When he asked the unnamed administrator if Magee had a shot at becoming the head coach at West Virginia, he was told no, you don’t and pointed to Magee’s skin. Later on, he was off to Ann Arbor.

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