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Cedrick Wilson Likes His Women Crazy

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 22, 2008

Ok maybe not this crazy…then again…..

Pittsburgh Steelers and former University of Tennessee wide receiver Cedrick Wilson like his women on the crazy side. No, not the schizophrenic Herschel Walker type of crazy but another like of crazy all together. Cedrick likes his women in the 12 stand off with the Po Po crazy. Story.

Apparently sometime Saturday morning Wilson and his girlfriend, Lindsey Paulat got in to a lovers quarrel. Around noon Wilson left the whole situation and her mother decided to talk to her hoping (I’m sure) to make things better. That’s when things got a little crazy.

While there with her mommy, Paulat took one of Wilson’s handguns and shot two holes in Wilson’s walls. The mother realizing what a psychotic bitch she raised decided it was time to leave and promptly called the Po Po.

What could have Wilson done to make his girlfriend act in such a manner? The Po Po arrive and after making contact with her and seeing just how crazy she is, they thought it would be best to evacuate some 70 neighbors. Damn!! She must have found Wilson’s “University of South Carolina” model handgun & his “University of Florida” model AK-47 for them to take that type of measure.

While no details as what (if anything) Wilson might have done to make his girlfriend act so irrational, has been released, I have my own theories about that.

Theory #1

Wilson was truthful to her. See the below example.

G/F Does this make me look fat?

C/W No honey, it makes you look fatter than normal.

Theory #2

Wilson comes to terms with the progress of the relationship. See the below example.

G/F When are we getting married.

C/W A half past never.

G/F Motherfucker! You TOLD me we were getting married after the season! I’ll cut your balls off.

C/W Shit got to run; I’m calling your mom for protection.

So let this be a lesson to all males out there. It’s ok to tell them white lies. It’s ok to ask for help when dealing with crazy females. And NEVER, NEVER piss off your girlfriend with a loaded firearm in immediate vicinity. However when and if she’s released I bet the make sex will be great.

Nothing like jealous women you’ve got to love them….well until they take your gun and shoot up your house. Even then he got off lighter than Andre Rison did.

4 Responses to “Cedrick Wilson Likes His Women Crazy”

  1. Joel said

    I guess UT players, past and present, can’t stay off the police blotter…

    God Hillary looks like she has her jaws filled with a “substance”…Monica would have swallowed…

  2. He wasn’t arrested but his g/f was (I hope)

  3. abduh said

    anybody else wonder how she got HIS gun? as he stated, he has kids in that house – what is he doing with a loaded, UNLOCKED firearm???

    things that go hmmm… maybe intentionally given to her (left out for her) to shoot herself???

  4. zigzag said

    Hillary “Cuckold” Clinton needs to counsel Lindsey on how to handle her “man” without firing a shot.

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