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Dwight Howard: Millionaire, NBA All-Star, Christian, Baby Daddy

Posted by Joel on January 22, 2008

Dwight Howard, center for the Orlando Magic, is a devout Christian. I remember when he came out of high school ESPN ran a story about how he wanted to come in and change the culture of the NBA, 1 soul at a time. Then I heard that he recently had a son out of wedlock with a former Orlando Magic dancer. I thought of one word: hyprocrit…

Then I saw pics of Royce Reed, the dancer that is his son’s mother:

l_073aa57dcf8dacbe920065af8a0df5f3.jpg m_cc28e396f96e3c500f6999c4c3c7164c.jpg m_09ba2370741bc2d95d3ed60d9a5476a3.jpg m_f4e7cde50f22bad0f3812f00fb9d9dc0.jpg

I started to remember that “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, and that “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone…

So another word now immediately comes to mind: lucky…

Well he knows how to “get it in the hole”…

16 Responses to “Dwight Howard: Millionaire, NBA All-Star, Christian, Baby Daddy”

  1. Jaron Hall said

    While it is true that we must not judge and must forgive people, i too was a bit shocked at the news he had a son… all i ever heard was how devout a Christian Dwight Howard was and well in my Christian walk I know sex outside of marriage is wrong… It was just shocking to me. Doesnt mean he isnt a good guy, we all make mistakes… hope he learned and I hope his witness is not torn down completely….

  2. Joel said


    While I agree with you, Howard could be a man and marry the woman too. After all, they live together and are raising their son.

    Live in Houston huh??? Unfortunately I am stuck down here too…

  3. DWBI said

    He is def not living nor going to marry that slut bag. she wants to be famous and is after money

    • Rissa said

      I totally agree they dont live together!!! There not even together anymore!! Get it right before you put it on the web!!!

  4. She’s extremely hot. I totally understand Dwight allegedly driving her lane and slamming it home.

  5. Chewbaka said

    Didn’t this bitch play in the movie Get shortie? I’d like to stick my shorty in her hot fudge but and spread my DNA all over her face

  6. Nicole said

    She is not a slut bag, she is an intelligent college educated young woman and Dwight does love her so you get it right HATER!! and for the record she is NOT after his money in fact she is not getting any money from him.

  7. Q Will said

    I will never understand why human beings always feel comfortable so judging other human beings. Also, why must this be viewed as a “mistake”?

  8. jerseyfinest said

    well who cares if he had a baby out of wedlock he aint perfect yes he goes to church so what so many women and men in the church have babies out of wedlock who are we to judge them at the end of the day God judge all of us he’s a grown man got his own job and catering to his family needs so haters hop of his swagg and no homo but his baby mama is pretty n ya dont know if shes going after his money so ya need to watch what ya say cause God knows what ya do

  9. Joel said

    @8 “…so ya need to watch what ya say cause God knows what ya do”

    Well everyone including God knows you haven’t been to an English class lately.

  10. I don't like whoever "9" is said

    9: “Well everyone including God knows you haven’t been to an English class lately.”

    Um, looks like English to me, just not the Ole English from across the deep blue water you’re used to, your Majesty! Freaking rascists…

    Anyways, although I remember seeing the ESPN interview where he talked about his faith and vision of the cross on the logo, I was honestly a little disappointed when I heard about his child. However, a true Christian will ask for forgiveness, and if he means it, I believe that he will receive it from God. I wish nothing but the best for Dwight, the mother and the little man.

  11. “Um, looks like English to me, just not the Ole English from across the deep blue water you’re used to, your Majesty! Freaking rascists…”

    That’s hilarious considering #9 AKA Joel and writer for this site is African American. You can click on about the writers to learn more about him.

  12. Jonathan said

    She’s a whore. She knew what she was doing. GOLDDIGGER. She popped that pussy on that young cat and it bust a nut!

  13. kyle said

    Dwight Howard is a class act. Babies- no matter how they get here are a blessing from God. We are not to judge, only God…. Odds are Dwight didn’t intend to have an out of wed lock baby, but the same is probably not true for her. I think she played herself, had she been on the up and up – he probably would have married her and lived happily ever after. Sure she’ll receive a lot of money, if she trapped him intentionally, she’ll never have peace – which is priceless. She’s already hired an lawyer and is taking him to court for child support which says a lot about were her mind really is.

    • KK said

      Wow!!!!! It is truely amazing how a person that has never been in the same room as Mr. Howard or Ms. Reed can think they know so much about them.Get a life. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about,and you know you don’t.

  14. Romans 3: 23 said

    I think that We need to STOP throwing stones at the man because he had a kid.we all make mistakes. some of us who are making negative comments about him who have more bones in your closet than him. he no less of a christian because of his kid. Children are a blessing from God.and he is taking care of the kid.

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