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A Message To The Law Enforcement in Knoxville

Posted by Joel on January 23, 2008


To: Chief Sterling Owen, IV, Chief of Police for Knoxville Police Department & Chief August Washington, Chief of UTPD

CC: Bill Haslam, Mayor of Knoxville, Coach Phillip Fulmer, Head Honcho, All Things Volunteer Football

From: Joel, Contributing Blogger for and Volunteer

Dear Sirs,

I would like to first take the opportunity to thank you kind men for reading this letter. I know that you are busy trying to keep the streets of Knoxville safe, the campus of the University of Tennessee secure, and the whole state proud of its team, the Volunteers. However, as a concerned fan, both of the school, the SEC Conference, and College Football in particular, I am a little bit concerned over what has happened thus far over the past few months concerning the Volunteer football program and police run ins. These concerns have led me to question myself and ask: What can I do as a fan and native Tennessean to help out, in true Volunteer fashion??? So far, this letter that I am typing with great conviction has been my call to arms.

Listen men, we simply cannot allow your fine officers to harass our football players. They have enough to deal with, such as studying, hanging with some friends, playing football, and representing Volunteers worldwide. These fine young men are doing what it takes to “Work Like Heck” and make us all proud. So what if they decide to have a drink to relax. Is it too much trouble to ask that they stumble around in public in peace??? That fight that went on at Gibbs Hall??? What you would call a fight is what a real officer would call a UFC amateur competition. Now, because of you, Coach Fulmer has to take time away from his 6 a.m. Krispy Kreme run just so that the team can engage in some early morning calisthenics months ahead of schedule in preparation for the upcoming difficult season. I don’t see Jim Tressel getting his whole entire team up to run their 6.8 second 40′s (because they are so fast at Ohio State). We all know how irritable Coach Fulmer and Coach Chavis can get when they don’t have their 8 dozen doughnuts and 3 gallon carafes of coffee before they eat breakfast…

As for the alleged marijuana incident with Gerald Jones, Ahmad Paige, and William Brimfield, they were victims of one big understanding. A real police officer would have concluded that the marijuana smell in the car was actually a new type of GHB scented car fragrance. The “marijuana cigarette”??? Mr. Paige simply had his car detailed at the car wash where they sprayed his car with the “Chronic Fresh” scent, and one of the workers there must have had the cigarette slip out of his pocket. See??? Charge a real criminal, not these boys. Now they have to go on police ride alongs as punishment; at the very least, let them watch Season 1 of Reno: 911. I mean, having to suffer through the antics of Officers Jones and Garcia is punishment enough, much less Clementine, Weigel, Junior, and Lt. Dangle. More importantly, we lost two recruits to Oklahoma, which has a history of allowing players to roam free…

Josh “McLovin” McNeil should have been given a handshake and a pat on the back, not a ticket and a court summons. He graciously hosted 3 ladies in his room of his apartment and was bothering no one. The cat was the one that knocked the flower pot through the window. Let’s think about it: realistically, the chances of getting 2 women in the bed with the average guy is slim to none, McNeil got 3. I personally will shake his hand, no, I will HUG him if I ever meet him, as he “Volunteered” to host 3 women at once. God bless him…

In closing, boys will be boys. Who among us did not have a drink or 10 when we were 18??? Marijuana you say??? In The Netherlands, they would call that “Herbal Refreshment”. Guns??? I always thought the Constitution guaranteed us the right to bear arms??? Listen, we need to get together as a community and realize what our priorities are, which should be Volunteer Athletics. Think of a world with 1 and 2 star recruits on the field on Saturdays. People will be blaming Fulmer for poor recruiting, but if you keep harassing the players, the blame will be on you, because the real stars will be too busy with court dates and probation.

Thank you for your time and GO BIG ORANGE!!!

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Larry Brown States When He Coached New York it was Like Living that Rockwell Song

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 23, 2008

Ah the 80′s I’ll never forget that time. I’m a child of the 80′s. It was a time of greed, Reaganomics & plenty of musical one hit wonders. People had not figured out what a freak Boy George of Culture Club was & Michael Jackson’s skin pigmentation was still black. Larry Brown former New York Knicks coach states he was living in the 80′s while coaching the hapless Knicks. He states his life was a surreal version of the 80′s hit song by Rockwell titled “Someone’s Always Watching Me”.

In the February issue of “Philadelphia” magazine, Brown states the Knicks had “spies throughout the arena” watching his every move.

“Imagine when you get to work, they don’t talk to you,” he said. “They had security people standing close to me in press conferences, and spies throughout the arena.”

Now Larry Brown realizes what others realize and that is, this was the start of “Operation I’m a Fuck Up” that was first envisioned by Isiah Thomas & placed into action by James “007″ Dolan.

For the one year that Brown was the coach the Knicks compiled a 23-59 record. Thomas might break that or he might not. Brown chastised Stephon “Sexual Deviant” Marbury in public something that the entire Knicks team did earlier this season. After the season, Brown gave interview to the New York press without a “public relations official” present. That might have been what sealed his fate.

According to this story, the Knicks have used spying tactics before.

“The stories from the reporters are endless: layers of institutional paranoia; public relations officials who openly eavesdrop on private conversations with executives and players; the threat-and implementation-of cutting off reporters who are perceived to be critical of the team. “Everyone is so worried about upsetting Jim Dolan, or getting fired, and as a result people aren’t themselves,” said Mr. Beck. “If you transplanted the same individuals and put them in another city, then they’d be far more interesting. They’d be themselves.”


To their credit, the Knicks’ press officials don’t deny Mr. Dolan’s unusually hands-on role in managing their downtrodden core of reporters. “I think it’s fair to say that Jim [Dolan] is aware of, and a part of, the shaping of the media policy,” said Barry Watkins, the senior vice president of communications for the Garden.


The policy was instituted in the summer of 2001. (Coincidentally, one supposes, the last year the Knicks had a winning record.)”

Brown is many things, but in this case he can’t be lying. If the press is complaining about being spied on, reporters being eavesdropped on by Knick officials, employees half-joking that if they talk out of turn to any press member that they’d be fired, and then what Brown says has to be reasonably true re: being spied on within MSG. They wouldn’t be doing that now to the local press if they hadn’t been doing that early to anyone else, like Larry Brown.

If David Stern wasn’t such a coward about dealing with the multitude of out-of-control problems in New York, and how far the Knicks are from winning their last title some 30-odd years ago, this would be a much bigger story than it is. It’s a bunker mentality, and it’s making a historic franchise in the world’s biggest media market into something far worse than an unfunny joke.

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