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Bill Belichick & Joe Buck: Assholes Of A Feather

Posted by Joel on February 3, 2008


This is Bill Belichick, walking off the field with 2 seconds left in the game. Yeah, he was completely outcoached and outclassed for this Super Bowl. But he walked off the field with 2 seconds left in the game. Anyone else see anything wrong with this???


This is Joe Buck. Now a few years ago, this sack o’ nuts cried and moaned like a fat chick that just got dumped for the head cheerleader when Randy Moss walked off the field with a few seconds left in a game featuring the Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins. You would have thought Randy Moss pulled his pants down and mooned the crowd at FedEx Field in DC.

Speaking of pulling his pants down, when Randy Moss mockingly mooned the Green Bay crowd some time later, Joe Buck went gonzo. Joe Buck cried like someone had just put a firecracker up his cat’s rectum.

What’s my point??? Joe Buck didn’t call out his boy Belichick for doing what Randy Moss did just a few years ago. Where was the public outcry against Hoodie like there was when Moss walked out early??? I hate Joe Buck and I should have just muted the TV and listened to the silky smooth back biting voice of Marv Albert on Westwood One Radio. Joe Buck, you ain’t no Jack Buck. Not even close. You just gotta have pics of Uncle Rupert Murdoch naked or something in order for you to keep your job.

As for the game, I never would have thought Eli Manning would win a Super Bowl. Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo should be locked up with a long term deal NOW!!! Wow…

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Two Brothers, Two Different Teams, Two Years, Two Separate Super Bowl Wins!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 3, 2008

Well I guess Eli Manning no longer sucks. (as bad) Either way the three photos below tells the story. Again another year of sub-par commercials as well…WTF?

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