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Tennessee is 20-2 After Routing the Gators

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 5, 2008

For the first time ever, the mens Tennessee basketball team is 20-2. The way this game it would be hard to believe that a Tennessee rout would happen. At one point the Florida Gators were up by 13 points. At halftime the Gators led by four.

The final score Tennessee 104 Florida 82.

In the last five times Florida played Tennessee, Florida has won only once. I can’t wait for the Memphis game and I’m betting neither can Joel.

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By the way I was wondering is Nick Calathes the illegitimate child of Billy Donovan?


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Arkansas & Ryan Mallett Better Get Ready for NCAA Rejection

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 5, 2008

Well this is a first. The Arkansas Razorbacks are planning on begging and pleading asking the NCAA if Ryan Mullet Mallett can play immediately one stead of waiting the required year like any other transfer.

“After visiting with Ryan and his parents, we feel that it is appropriate to file a waiver in this case based on extenuating circumstances,” Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long said in a release. “While the outcome of the waiver request is uncertain, we feel strongly that as an institution we should offer our full support to Ryan and his family in this process.”

Even though no one from Arkansas has stated just what these “extenuating circumstances” are, my money is on the fact that Casey Dick sucks ass.

The Malletts’ claim to the NCAA is simple. He should not be punished because an incoming coach runs a system which does not fit his pocket-passing style.

“We knew as soon as Rodriguez was hired it was obvious there would be a problem,” Jim Mallett said. “He would not fit into the coaches’ spread offense. Now, is this something Ryan had control over? No. Now for him to sit out 18 months because of it would be tough. So we’re asking the NCAA to examine the particulars of this case.”

This is utterly ridiculous. So this kid can only play in one kind of system? How good could he be then? I fail to understand why this kid didn’t stay at Michigan and give Rodriguez the chance to curtail the offense to his strengths. Rodriguez ran this same offense at Tulane with Shaun King who was not a mobile quarterback. King threw for tons of yards with Tulane and got a legit shot at the NFL. The spread offense can work for a thrower at the quarterback position as well as a dual threat QB. There’s also the question of what if Carr was fired. What would be the excuse then?

Just when you think you have seen it all in “little league fathers” and their spoiled kids then along comes; Ryan Mallet and daddy. The fact that his daddy thinks his little boy is so special the rules don’t apply to him and Arkansas is so desperate to coddle these people that they would make a fool of themselves by even asking for the waiver is hard to fathom even in today’s world.

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Fun With Emmitt Smith

Posted by Joel on February 5, 2008

I for one would like to see the presence of Emmitt Smith back on ESPN next year so that we can get a laugh. His mastery of the King’s English has been wonderful…

Then there’s the remix, featuring Chris Berman…

And finally, the NSFW Roast of Emmitt Smith featuring Jeffrey Ross…

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The Arrogance of the Patriots and Spy Gate are much like Herpes, Neither Will Go Away Easily

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 5, 2008

I have a like, love and hate relationship with Boston professional sports teams. I like the Celtics, I love the Red Sox and I hate the Patriots. I always have and most likely I always will.

I seriously doubt any of the New Englanders that were walking around in a stupor yesterday morning mumbling incoherently “Why us why now?” stopped to seriously see how arrogant this team has been leading to their colossal defeat.

While the team was practicing the owners were applying for the trademarks to “19-0″ and “19-0 The Perfect Season,” and possibly other winning words to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese better sell like a motherfucker to brighten the spirits of the team owners.

The Boston Globe was pre-selling a book via Amazon and other outlets titled “19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England’s Unbeatable Patriots.” It has since been pulled from Amazon.

Tom Brady laughed at the notion of his team only scoring 17 points, I wonder if he was laughing Sunday night knowing they scored less than that.

Is that arrogant enough? But honestly the real arrogance committed by the Patriots was the belief that “Spy Gate” was over and done with. Imagine the shock Belichick must have felt when the Boston Herald reported they have a source about a certain taping of the final walk though the Rams did before they faced the Patriots in 2002.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will reopen an investigation into the Patriots video practices if new evidence supports it, a league spokesman said yesterday prior to the team’s 17-14 Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

Of course Goodell will after all when the senate calls you better run. I’m not saying that the Patriots did or didn’t tape the walk through, however I will say that so far it’s been a piss poor investigation by the NFL.

Imagine if the police asked a drug dealer to turn over all his dope without actually searching for it or questioning known associates. The NFL supposedly confiscated all the video they could find at the team’s headquarters without thinking that maybe just maybe there was more video that was not on the site. Maybe if they did some asking or checking into past Patriots employees they wouldn’t be so embarrassed as they are now.

While it’s true the NFL police might not have found anything worthy as the latest allegations reveal, they could at least say it was investigated at the time.

The Herald reported Saturday that a Patriots employee filmed the Rams’ final walkthrough prior to Super Bowl XXXVI, though it’s unclear if they were instructed to shoot the video, or if the coaches used the information. The Pats deny recording the walkthrough and the league said it didn’t find any evidence of wrongdoing when it investigated the rumor in the fall, in part because the team told them it wasn’t true.

“People are implying there was some type of cover-up, where I think it was exactly the opposite,” Goodell said. “We were the ones who brought these facts to light. We were the ones who took the unprecedented discipline to send a very strong message to the people that we don’t violate the rules. Every team on a level playing field, I think that’s what we want.”

In a sense I agree with Goodell, except when he states “we were the ones who brought these facts to light”, because in reality it was the press that shed light on this. And I still think the punishment was a joke, and if and I really mean “if” these latest allegations prove to be true then the joke will be on you Goodell and you alone.

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