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Pacman Jones Quiz

Posted by Joel on February 14, 2008


Adam “Pacman” Jones has cleared his last criminal case by agreeing to a plea deal. He is now on probation for the next 3 years, meaning that if he gets in trouble again with the law, he will be locked up. No word from the league office on when and/or if he will get back into the NFL.

Well, I have decided to give you readers a quiz to see just how well you know the former Mountaineer and current Titans CB (for now). Don’t worry, it’s multiple choice.

Question #1: Pacman Jones likes to do the following in his spare time:

A. Smoke weed.

B. Record the worst rap you have heard this side of Kobe Bryant.

C. Frequent strip clubs.

D. All of the above.

Question #2: “Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has retained the law firm that successfully defended Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis against double murder charges to be Jones’ lead counsel in the matter Monday at the Minxx Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas.”

Reading the previous passage, one can interpret that:

A. Pacman will become the latest Baltimore Raven.

B. Has an experienced attorney on staff if he wants to do an O.J.

C. Could not afford Rusty Hardin.

D. All of the above.

Question #3: If a dollar bill falls on the strip club floor, and a dancer named runs to grab it before landing, does it make a sound???

A. Depends. Where is Pacman???

B. Depends. Where is Pacman’s entourage???

C. Depends. Where are the garbage bags full of singles???

D. All of the above.

Question #4: The square root of Pacman’s legal docket + the free time that he seems to always have equals:

A. Biting a cop.

B. Drinking in public.

C. Holding out as a rookie for more money.

D. All of the above.

The common denominator is the answer D. D is for “Dumbass Pacman Jones”. Oh, and Pacman said last month that he wants to go to Dallas. The Metroplex has more weed and strip clubs per square mile than Nashville ever will have. Well if Michael Irvin and Nate Newton can survive, maybe Pacman can. Either way, if I don’t see him in a Titans jersey again, I won’t miss him.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 14, 2008

We at YMSWWC are pleased to wish you a Happy Valentines Day!

Kelvin Sampson got roses and a card from IU officials

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Clemens Hearing Recap

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 14, 2008

In case you missed the most anticipated television mini-series since “Lonesome Dove”, here is a synopsis of the Clemens Congressional hearing that was held yesterday.

Part I “In the Beginning”

Within the first two minutes of his opening remarks, Rep. Henry Waxman called the Mitchell report “impressive and credible.” That tells you exactly what Waxman believes, and, more importantly, whom he believes. Wish Roger luck trying to change his mind.

Rep. Waxman said he wanted to cancel the hearing and just issue written reports. But Clemens’ lawyers helped talk him out of that, saying it would be “unfair” to cancel the hearing without giving Roger a chance to testify publicly. Careful what you wish for.

Highlights of Clemens’ opening statement:

“I’ve chosen to live my life with a positive attitude,” he said. “Yet I’m accused of being a criminal. I’m not supposed to be angry about that?”
“I’m not saying Senator Mitchell’s report is entirely wrong,” Clemens said. “I’m merely saying Brian McNamee’s statements about me were wrong.”

Highlights from McNamee’s statement:

“I never injected Mr. Clemens or anyone else with lidocaine or B-12. I have no reason to lie — and every reason not to.”

“I told the investigators I injected three people — two of whom I know confirmed my account. The third is sitting at this table.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings starts the drama:

  • “Mr. Pettitte said he had ‘no doubt’ about his recollection. … Why would he tell Congress that one of his closest friends was taking an illegal performance-enhancing drug if there was any doubt in his mind?”
  • On Pettitte’s wife, Laura, also saying Pettitte had told her that Clemens had admitted using HGH: “If that conversation never happened, why would Laura Pettitte remember that conversation?”
  • “What possible reason would Mr. Pettitte have to fabricate a statement about you, his friend?”

Clemens’ answer: “Andy would have no reason to.”

Quick someone put that series of question in the Rockets highlight footage.

Part II “Roger has a bleeding anus” Read the rest of this entry »

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