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Colquitt has a Serious Problem & it Should be Addressed Immediately

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 18, 2008

At first I was going to make this a humorous post however after reviewing the facts there’s nothing humorous about this.

Britton Colquitt has a serious problem and when a Tennessee player has a problem so does Coach Fulmer.

Tennessee junior All-SEC punter Britton Colquitt will be suspended the Vols’ first five games this season and will lose his scholarship following an arrest early Sunday morning on charges of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

“I’m very disappointed that Britton doesn’t appreciate the blessings he has been given from his family and his team,” UT coach Phillip Fulmer said in a statement released Sunday night. “Along with the five-game suspension, I am taking his scholarship away and he will be required to undergo alcohol counseling as well as other internal punishments.”

Not good enough! This is the fourth alcohol-related incident for Colquitt since arriving on the campus of UT. Clearly this needs to be addressed by coaches, players and his parents. I feel the only way he will learn is to boot him off the team.

Colquitt while driving his Jeep Cherokee hit a freaking parked car and then kept driving. The Knoxville Po Po caught him about a mile away. Colquitt admitted to have two beers, three mixed drinks and hitting the parked Ford Focus as well as a tree stump.

In 2003, UT police charged Britton Colquitt three times in 12 days on alcohol-related charges, including DUI and underage consumption.

His first DUI charge was dismissed by a Knox County General Sessions Court judge in August 2004.

Colquitt is the sixth UT football player charged by police since Jan. 11 and the second to be hit with a DUI charge in a little over two weeks.

If Fulmer doesn’t boot him off the team then at least coordinate an intervention with his parents. Clearly he needs help and I’ll admit supporting him is not a bad idea, but forcing him to go too counseling will not work. Colquitt can only change when he is ready to.

4 Responses to “Colquitt has a Serious Problem & it Should be Addressed Immediately”

  1. zigzag said

    He has to agree to it but the parents need to get this young man into a rehab facility posthaste. Obviously he is an alcoholic. Fulmer’s suspension for five games and taking the scholorship are the right things to do. He should be reinstated after the five games if he has been clean for the previous six months. If he won’t go to rehab, Fulmer should dismiss him from the team without the possibility of reinstatement and Fulmer should tell him that now.

  2. zigzag said

    On the same subject, Ryan Perrilloux is at it again. Miles suspended him for the third time for “violating team rules”.

  3. jenna said

    The only serious problem he has is making bad decisions. He doesn’t have a drinking problem. When most students can get away with using fake ID’s and drinking without people knowing they are under, everyone knows Britton and his age. Yes he got caught drinking a few times when he was under age, but since then he has changed. He is under so much pressure, living in his father and brothers footsteps can you blame him for drinking just like every other student on this campus. Yes we can blame him for drinking and DRIVING, but that doesn’t mean he’s an alcoholic. He shouldn’t have driven and it’s a blessing he didn’t hurt or kill anyone. He is very sorry and realizes that this mistake has changed his life for the better, and he is going to come out of this a better person. If the community would support him as a human being and understand he makes mistakes, we could see him do great things with the platform he has.

  4. zigzag said

    He doesn’t have a drinking problem? Four alcohol related incidents since he has been there? A guy I know who counsels 15 to 30 year olds on alcohol and drug abuse told me that for everytime an individual is caught he/she has been driving under the influence 23 times. I also have a son who was stopped twice for DUI. After he completed rehab, he told me that he drove high every day for two years but was only stopped the two times. Thank God he did not kill himself or someone else. Britton needs help. His friends and relatives need to get him to accept rehab. The next time he will kill or injure someone and I am familiar with a current case of DUI where the individual killed the occupant of another car. He just completed his 12th year in prison for second degree murder. His blood alcohol level was .28. You seem to ba a reasonable person and apparently are close to him. Get that young man to a facility now or you will be regretting not trying as long as you live when he ends up dead or someone else does because he drinks and drives.

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