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Does “USC” equal University of South Carolina or University of Smoking Cannabis?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 19, 2008

Steve God Spurrier needs to bar his football players from two areas: apartment complexes and the 5 Points area of Columbia. Every time a Gamecock player enters these areas they are either arrested or stabbed.The latest pair of Gamecocks are named Dion Lecorn and Matt Clements. And guess what just like all the other arrested Gamecocks these two are are suspended from all team activities indefinitely. (Which in “Gamecock world” means a week maybe 10 days)

It seems that Lecorn purchased some sweet stinky weed from an individual at the Five Points Food Lion. I hope he used his Food Lion MVP card and received a discount. The pair was arrested in the parking lot at Riverside Estates Apartments.

Authorities say Lecorn, Clements, and another man were detained after authorities responded to a call of loud music from their car. Officers say they smelled marijuana inside. And neither were willing to share.

Dion Lecorn the mug shot of Clements is unavailable

Investigators say LeCorn told them he had purchased the marijuana from an individual at the Five Points Food Lion. LeCorn was the one driving the vehicle.

The report states the men admitted to using marijuana and Lecorn indicated the drugs were his. Here comes the shocker LeCorn and Clements are both freshmen from Florida and according to the police report, Clements is wanted by authorities in Florida for a failure to appear bench warrant. Urban Meyer wanted these two to be in his top one percent of one percent recruiting class.

Maybe Steve Spurrier should spend his spare time lobbying for the legalization of marijuana so that less of his team gets locked up when that law is passed..? Just a thought…

This latest arrest is coupled with defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis will miss the first three games of next season for violating university policy, tailback Mike Davis could sit out games for breaking the athletic department’s attendance policy & twin brothers, Jordin and Dustin Lindsey, are not yet academically eligible for next season.

In December, Jordin Lindsey was stabbed while walking with his brother in the Five Point area. Jordin was apparently kicking the shit out of some geek when the geek stabbed him. This kicked off “Moral Victory 08″ otherwise known as the 2008 Gamecock football season.

Meet Geek Boy 2008. Gamecock player slayer (Lindsey’s stabber)

But none of these players can hold a candle to Quintin Richardson who beat the shit out of some one at an apartment complex last year only to be bomared with a moral victory by getting stabbed. Some believe this was the inspiration for the band geek that stabbed Lindsey.

Richardson was also busted on stinky weed procession some weeks after being bomared. Thus proving Quintin Richardson is the king of Cocky moral victories.

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  1. I knew with your love of USC you would have something regarding this but I wrote my post last night and couldn’t get a hyperlink to you in. Got ya added now.

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