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Noel Devine is a Perfect Example of WVU Class: 80′s Style

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 20, 2008

No matter what I type here, it will never be as funny as the picture itself

While the assistant coaches at West Rodriguez Virginia University were being handed six figure contracts, someone is alleging that two West Virginia football players, including freshman tailback Noel Devine was handing out a can of hillbilly whoop ass.

“According to a report filed by a Morgantown Police Department officer, Husni M. Sangarie said he and a friend were attacked by Devine, fellow freshman Jock Sanders and perhaps other football players after all of them were kicked out of Club Z.”

Further proof that West Virginia is in last place in a lot areas compared to other states: Club Z. Notice the pathetic music that sounds like it was stolen from an old “after school” special they would run in late 70′s early 80′s. The photo album hasn’t been updated since 2006 and doesn’t work. Typical.

The new savior of WVU, Bill Stewart, isn’t immediately commenting on the situation. Again by not commenting is another poor attempt to try and be like an SEC school. Of course SEC coaches started commenting in the mid 80′s, more proof of WVU being behind the times.

“According to the police report, which was summarized in Tuesday’s edition of the Dominion Post, Sangarie told police that he and friends were inside Club Z when both his group and the group that included Devine and Sanders were told by bouncers to leave the bar after a commotion. Outside the bar, Sangarie said someone hit him in the back of the head.

Sangarie said he fell to the ground and then was kicked and punched by Devine, Sanders and the others in their group. Ryan Lewis, who was with Sangarie, said he was also punched and kicked.”

Noel Devine is (allegedly) performing the “bumrush” with fellow WVU player Sanders. The bumrush is so 80′s. Of course after getting kicked out of Club Z while dancing to Midnight Star’s “Electricity” one can see why they were pissed and acted out their 80′s fueled rage. Rumor has it the Noels’ over sized watch like Flava Flav wears around his neck, was also damaged during this (alleged) incident.

Tell me he’s not that short.

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