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Fulmer Strikes Back!!! Adams is a Bitch Anyway

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 22, 2008

Last Tuesday LSU grad and hack writer, John Adams, published an article The Knoxville News Sentinel‘s Web site calling for the firing of Phil Fulmer based on the off the field problems of the players. Keep in mind when I called for his head it was based on the problems that occurred on the field, like losing big and the apathy displayed by the players when they played.

In his article Adams states the following:

“How could Fulmer not dismiss Colquitt from the team after what could be a fifth alcohol-related offense?” Adams wrote. “Answer: Colquitt is a starter.

“You can’t blame Fulmer for the crimes committed by his players and former players. But he is responsible for disciplining players while they’re on his team,” Adams said. “And he has failed miserably at that.”

This article drew hundreds of responses from readers. I for one do believe that at times Fulmer is weak at discipline but he is not anywhere as weak as this article makes him out to be. My feeling is Mr. Adams is seeing the revolution I’ve started and wants to take credit for it.

Today Fulmer has risen to strike back at Adams and others on the perceived weak discipline that Fulmer is accused of in the article Adams wrote. Today in an article that is published an article The Knoxville News Sentinel‘s Web site Fulmer fights back.

“Our internal discipline is based on one factor alone: the course that is most likely to help that individual young man make amends and get his life straight,” Fulmer wrote in the column that will appear in Friday’s edition.

“I’ve undoubtedly made some mistakes, but I try to do what I think is in the best interest for each young man.”

Fulmer said he will accept any criticism from Adams about the play of the program.

“What I will not accept is Mr. Adams questioning my integrity, my sense of fairness, or values as a man,” Fulmer wrote.

I’m glad to see fight back on this issue. Ghost of Neyland of The Third Saturday in Blogtober published a stirring piece that I fully support. Fulmer should be the sheriff of Knox County. (Sweet Photoshop) This could be the thing that Fulmer could pursue after coaching. First sheriff then congressman last stop…that’s right.

Fulmer for President!!!!! Go Vols!!! The future begins today.

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Why I LOVE Memphis Tiger Basketball

Posted by Joel on February 22, 2008


Growing up in Memphis, there are a few passions that you will develop: BBQ, music, and basketball. Let’s be honest, Memphis is not a lot of things. It is not a city of glitz, glamour, and stardom like a Los Angeles, New York, or Las Vegas. It does not have the bravado of a Chicago, or the scenery of Miami. The city has been in the past a hotbed of segregation and civil rights, so much so that to this day, the city’s natives still feel the sting of racism in one way or the other. But the one tie that binds the city’s psyche, the one bond that cannot band different opinions of crime and the city’s mayor, is the love affair for Tiger basketball. There is even division on what the Tigers are or aren’t, but even native Memphians that may have gone on to different colleges or not gone to college altogether by and large root on the Tigers by tipoff…

For me, it started during the Dana Kirk era. During those days, the Tigers ran through competition on the court with little to no problem. Guys like William Bedford and Keith Lee dominated, and led then Memphis State to the Final Four in 1985. Off the court, Bedford used to party like a rock star and Lee couldn’t understand the benefits of Play-Doh. Kirk also led the Tigers into NCAA probation.

Enter Larry Finch in 1986. To backtrack, Finch was a Melrose High School product who went to Memphis State (along with Ronnie Robertson, another local product from Melrose High School). He enrolled at school in the fall of 1968, when racial tensions were at their highest on and off campus. Keep in mind, Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Despite this, he led the school to the NCAA title game in 1972. The Tigers lost to some school named UCLA, and Bill Walton is still a hated man in Memphis. Finch was an assistant coach under Kirk and immediately went 26-8, winning the Metro Conference Tournament. Because of probation, the Tigers could not play in the NCAA tournament.

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