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RIP Myron Cope

Posted by Joel on February 27, 2008

Myron Cope, longtime voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers, passed away this morning. I am not a Steelers fan, but if you ever saw a Pittsburgh Steelers game from 1975 and on, you will see his lasting impact on the franchise, the Terrible Towel. The concept of the Terrible Towel has since been copied by other sports franchises over the years, and Cope was so quirky of a broadcaster that he made Steeler football games great to listen to.

When I made a trip to Pittsburgh a few years ago, I was at a sports bar during a Steelers-Ravens game and the TV’s were on mute. They were playing the radio broadcast and this bar had maybe 200 Steeler fans in it. It only took 5 minutes of listening to Cope’s voice and I was hooked. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote a nice obit to him. Cope will be missed…

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One Blowhard Down, A LOT More To Go

Posted by Joel on February 27, 2008

Yesterday, Sean Salisbury was fired from ESPN (golf clap). Earlier, the network announced that former Vikings receiver (who was screwed out of the Hall of Fame) Cris Carter would become an analyst for the network. While the move was shocking, both by the timing and the fact that someone woke up the head honchos at ESPN, Salisbury was just one of the numerous examples of what is wrong with the network. Over the years, there has been more Entertainment over Sports in the network’s culture. I will give my opinions a little bit later on about who else needs to go, but I would like to touch on the statement released on Salisbury’s departure. The statement reads:

“I have grown as much as I can at ESPN and decided to expand my horizons. I have created a brand and it’s time to expand into other opportunities in TV, radio, Internet, publishing, movies and public speaking, among others. My resume speaks for itself as a football analyst, and I believe I can talk all sports with the best of them.”

He has created a brand??? Wow. I understand that QB’s have to have some confidence and bravado, but created a brand??? I mean, Deion Sanders created a Hot Dog machine that maybe sold 50 units. If that’s creating a brand, Salisbury should be broke in 3 weeks.

Next thing, he says that he is going to go into Internet (read: he’s gonna start a wordpress blog), publishing (I think Go Dog Go has already been written), TV and movies (Sean and His Little Friend), and public speaking (nothing will get America’s youth not to pick up a crack pipe like a concussed, loudmouthed, Grey Cup winning but career backup QB). You know, I actually do see a future for him: I think Head On can use a new spokesperson. I know I need some aspirin or a shot of Jack Daniel’s after listening to him give verbal blowjobs to Tom Brady for minutes at a time.

OK, so Sean Salisbury is now officially off of the Budweiser Hot Seat. Let’s see who else ESPN can get rid of:

Sean Salisbury

Skip Bayless

Mike & Mike

Doug Gottlieb

Colin Cowherd

Amy Lawrence

Chris Berman

Stuart Scott

Lee Corso

Kirk Herbstreit

John Kruk

Merril Hoge

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith’s Gigantic Ego

Mike Tirico (Thanks Zigzag)

*Please cover your ears for the cacophony of Skip Bayless v. Sean Salisbury clip

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Terry Tate Takes a Vacation

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 27, 2008

I’m running extremely late this morning. So I’m taking a vacation day from writing anything however I did find another Terry Tate video for your enjoyment. :)

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