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South Carolina Receiver Embarrasses Steve Spurrier by Requesting a Jury Trial

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 21, 2008

The last thing Steve God Spurrier wants right now is attention drawn to the merry band of USC thugs. Back on February 19th I posted about a couple of USC players getting busted by the Po Po with a pot charge but of course much like even though Spurrier is the USC coach and they’re still losing, this simple charge isn’t the end of this.

Dion “Yo Hold that Smoke In Bro” Lecorn has foolishly asked for a jury trial. The reason I say it’s a foolish choice is because;

  • Lecorn, & freshman receiver Matt Clements told police they had been smoking marijuana in Lecorn’s car
  • The Po Po found the joint in the ashtray
  • Lecorn told officers the pot belonged to him

And yet let’s ask for a jury trial. It is unclear how the request will affect Lecorn’s status for spring drills (if any), which begin today with the first of 15 practices.

Even Lecorn’s attorney, Lowell Bernstein, is unclear about having to actually go to trial. Bernstein left open the possibility that Lecorn could apply for pretrial intervention or a similar diversion program for first-time offenders facing drug or alcohol charges.

“We just weren’t ready to proceed (Thursday) because we didn’t have any of the evidence,” Bernstein said. “I just want to look at everything first. So I’m not sure. There may be some alternatives like (PTI).”

That’s a first, an attorney avoiding a trial and higher legal fees, oh wait he knows he will lose the case…never mind. Maybe Lecorn should pull a Kevin Young & request a SLED investigation into his statements he made to the Po Po. What a way to kick off spring practice. Go Cocks!

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