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Garcia is None & Done? It’s very Likely

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 26, 2008

Stephen Garcia, the most prized football recruit in USC history was tabbed the future of South Carolina by Steve God Spurrier himself. Now a little over a year since arriving on campus it’s very possible is none and done at USC without never even playing one snap in a game.USC athletics director Eric Hyman the Cock in charge decided to give Spurrier a crash course in discipline. Garcia has been suspended from all team-related activities until Aug. 15.

In addition, university officials have suspended Garcia from summer school and will require him to adhere to several stipulations, including drug tests and participation in an alcohol counseling program, if he wants to return to USC on Aug. 15 when summer school ends.

Garcia will be allowed to finish this semester at USC, but must move out of campus housing next week. He would have to ask to be readmitted in August.

Attempts to reach Garcia were unsuccessful. Gary Garcia, the player’s father, declined comment.

Many speculate that Garcia will sign with another school and not return to USC. I’m sure Urban Meyer is feverishly trying to contact Garcia’s parents.

The offense which was in disarray to begin with is now shattered.

“His attitude now is that he’s going to accept a very strong penalty and hopes to return next fall,” Spurrier said. “So we’ll just have to wait and see if that occurs.”


“He was upset. It’s very disappointing. His parents are crushed,” Spurrier said. “But he said he came to South Carolina to play here, to play for me and coach (David) Reaves. He loves it up here. He wishes he’d been a little smarter in some of his actions.”

Below is a timeline of the Garcia era.


  • January: Arrives on campus
  • Feb. 17: Arrested in Five Points and charged with drunkenness and failure to stop on police command
  • Feb. 19: Suspended indefinitely by Steve Spurrier from team activities
  • Feb. 22: Reinstated to team
  • March 3: Arrested and charged with vandalizing the car of a USC professor two days earlier; suspended indefinitely
  • March 5: Issues a public apology and has his long hair trimmed
  • March 7: Spurrier announces Garcia will be suspended from spring practice
  • April 16: Reinstated to team
  • June 29: Enters pretrial intervention program that would clear charges from two previous arrests
  • Aug. 28: Spurrier announces intention to redshirt Garcia for 2007 season
  • October: Girlfriend gives birth to a boy, Memphys


  • Friday: Begins spring practice in open competition for starting quarterback job
  • Saturday: Cited and charged with underage drinking; listed as only suspect in discharging of fire extinguisher in campus dorm
  • Tuesday: Suspended from team activities until Aug. 15 by the university.
USC quarterbacks and coaches work on new plays in lieu of Garcia’s absence.

3 Responses to “Garcia is None & Done? It’s very Likely”

  1. MoonDog said

    A little smarter in some of his actions? The parents were crushed? Were was the concern for the kid’s actions after the FIRST incident? Where were the coaches? Where were the parents? I blame them just as much as I do the kid.

  2. So if I’m reading the timeline correctly, Garcia would have found out that his girlfriend was pregnant sometime in January of ’07. So, knowing that he’s about to become a father, how does he celebrate this joyous news? By getting blitzed in Five Points, disrespecting the police, destroying private property and then lying to his coach and parents about it.

    Wonder what he got his child for a baby gift? A tatoo and a fifth of vodka maybe?

    Oh, and I’m sure while he was out at Five Point he was just “hanging with his guy friends” and not trying to score some tang.

  3. zigzag said

    USCs liability is over, with this string behind him it’s time for him to be cut loose. Garcia has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the space between his ears is occupied by air.

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