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Andre Allen Suspended

Posted by Joel on April 3, 2008


University of Memphis backup point guard Andre Allen has been suspended from the basketball team, just days before the team plays in San Antonio for the Final Four. WREG in Memphis is reporting that Allen failed a random drug test and was suspended by coach John Calipari. Allen has been in trouble before. In 2005, he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

If this is true, then what the hell was Allen thinking??? Apparently Allen had some of Houston’s finest “greenery” while he visited this fine city. Either that, or hanging out with Longhorn fans caused him to catch some contact, as those pagans played their favorite game of puff puff pass.

Allen should have been smarter. This is his last year playing (he could have applied for an exemption from the NCAA, but no way he gets it now). He had the chance to play in a Final Four and compete for a national championship. But instead, he is stuck in Memphis, resigned to eating Jack Pirtle’s chicken and watching the game from his Vizio.

On a somewhat related note, The Commercial Appeal’s website has a great article on the 1985 Tiger Final Four team. For those of us who followed Tiger basketball, it is a reminder of how good that team was, and also how troubled some of it’s members have been.  You know, I’m a little sad. I hope you guys don’t mind if I post a pic to cheer me up…


You know, I think the Tigers will be ok now…

4 Responses to “Andre Allen Suspended”

  1. MoonDog said

    Fortunately for Memphis, they don’t need Allen to win. But you’re right about his stupidity. He’ll be pushing a broom somewhere in the next few years.

    I was at the Nasty Boys yesterday and Doc wrote a piece about the Tigers in the Final Four. I’m old enough to have seen the 73 team and I believe that’s the best team in Tiger history.

    Rachel is looking good!

  2. zigzag said

    The kid is just a sad sack. Poor decision or stupidity costs him his spot.

    Current team would beat 73 Tigers worse than UCLA did. Larry Kenon and Larry Finch along with Robinson and Buford could not come close to keeping up with the speed, finesse and length of this bunch. Derrick Rose would have a triple double and CDR would drop in 30 or more. Dorsey would foul out, but before he did, outweighing Kenon by 50 pounds, he would have him gasping.
    Finch would only get 10 or 12 with Antonio Anderson hanging all over him. No match.

  3. missy said

    So much for compassion, but I guess you clowns have never made a mistake. I feel terrible for andre!As for the comment that he will be pushing a broom in a few years, lets not forget the guy will be a college graduate in may!!!! GO TIGERS

  4. “So much for compassion, but I guess you clowns have never made a mistake.”

    I’ve made plenty just none involving the solicitation of a ho or drugs.

    “lets not forget the guy will be a college graduate in may”

    Plenty of people in the prison system are college graduates as well. Life depends on the choices you make after awhile a “mistake” becomes a habit.

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