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Apparently Nature is a Red Sox Fan

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 4, 2008

A 13-year-old girl touring Fenway Park on a school trip was attacked by a resident red-tailed hawk that drew blood from her scalp Thursday.

She wasn’t seriously hurt, but some observers saw an omen for a certain New York Yankees slugger in the attack at the home of the Boston Red Sox. The girl’s name is Alexa Rodriguez.

Red-tailed hawk, 1- Alex Rodriguez fan, 0.

Forget PETA, its time to call the National Guard. We can no longer enjoy the ballparks of America without man-eating hawks swooping down from the sky. This poor innocent young girl was lucky to escape. Others may not be as fortunate. These Hawks have red-tails and sadistic personalities. IF YOU SEE ONE OF THESE BIRDS, DO NOT THINK, JUST RUN! There will be more attacks and more injuries. These hawks will not stop until they get what they want.

Could you imagine seein that happen???!!!?!?!?! That had to be funny to see!! I feel bad for the girl but seriously….how many times you think this would actually happen in a lifetime???

Furthermore, based on the time of the incident (beginning of season) and the girl’s name this can’t merely be a coincidence. it’s just too much. I mean, come on. Alexa Rodriguez? If that’s not either a good omen for the Sox and/or a bad omen for the Yankees and A-Rod, specifically, then I don’t know what is. It just seems like good karma for the rest of this 2008 Red Sox season.

I’m a compete bastard I know I know


2 Responses to “Apparently Nature is a Red Sox Fan”

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  2. matt said

    at this point it is looking like it is a good omen for the sox

    PS there is nothing wrong with being a bastard

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