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Drivers State that NASCAR Officials are Less than Honest When it comes to Drug Testing

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 11, 2008

On July 7, 2007, Fike and fiancée Cassandra Davidson were arrested in the parking lot of Kings Island amusement park outside of Cincinnati. Security guards knocked on the window of Fike’s Toyota SUV after realizing that a black sheet was preventing anyone from seeing into the back seat. At first the couple attempted to flee, but a search of the vehicle turned up a haul of drug paraphernalia, including a 100-count box of syringes, bloody napkins and black tar heroin.

“It was pretty obvious what we were doing,” Fike admitted. “So when they tapped on the window I tried to get the hell out of there. Now I know that being arrested saved both of our lives.”

Only seven days earlier Fike had posted a career-best fifth-place finish in the O’Reilly 200 at the .75-mile Memphis Motorsports Park. The run boosted the rookie of the year favorite to eighth in the NCTS championship standings. He said he used heroin earlier that day.

NASCAR officials, when informed of Fike’s admission, said the league has kept an eye on the more proactive random drug testing policies recently ramped up by the “Big Four” major league sports but point to the list of recent suspensions as proof that the current policy is working.

“No system is perfect,” said Jim Hunter, NASCAR vice president of corporate communications. “Our current policy has served us extremely well. We do have discussions from time to time regarding possible alternatives, so I wouldn’t rule those out. But I think what our policy has allowed us to do up to this certain point in time, it has served us well.”

All sounds peachy right? Newsflash…Sprint Cup drivers Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne say they never have undergone a drug test as NASCAR competitors. Uh huh someone is fibbing…possibly the same someone that wrote letters for Michael Vick.

“In the 10 years that I’ve raced, I’ve never been drug-tested,” Harvick said. “To me, that’s not a proper drug policy for a professional sport. We haven’t made any headway whatsoever on the drug-testing policy.”

“I have been in a race with him and I know for a fact that he’s not the only one,” Harvick said. “There’s another driver that was suspended that I can almost guarantee you was in the race car while he was under the influence, and that pisses me off.


“I’m sure I’ll be blasted for saying what I feel, but I don’t want to be on a race track with people like that. It’s irresponsible more than anything.”

“I would love it,” Stewart said. “I’ve never been asked to take one yet. I think it should be mandatory to have random drug testing. I think it’s a great idea. The Fike situation shows that as an organization, we’re not doing a good job of seeing this before it happens.”

NASCAR’s substance-abuse policy includes the right to test any driver at any time, but officials only do so if they believe a competitor might have a problem. Apparently it took the arrest of Fike to believe he had a problem.

“The responsibility here rests across the board — with the drivers and competitors, owners, teams and NASCAR,” said Kerry Tharp, NASCAR’s director of communication. “We test an individual when we have reasonable suspicion. A positive test results in severe consequences and is a career-changing moment for that person. NASCAR’s policy is also supported by the various policies that the teams have in place that are required under the driver/owner agreements. No system is flawless, but we believe our zero tolerant policy that is in place has served the sport well.”

Tharp said NASCAR officials always take it seriously when drivers come to them with questions or complaints.

“Let me assure you that no issue or conversation that we have with a driver, owner or team member ever falls on deaf ears,” Tharp said. “Now, they might not always come out of the meeting with the answer they’re looking for, but we listen.”

However one driver calls NASCAR out like a bitch.

“I had a long talk with NASCAR about this last year,” Harvick said. “It almost seems like it fell on deaf ears. They were more mad that I had a reaction to the situation than they were about trying to move forward.”


“They heard what I said, but my name’s not Jeff Gordon. I’m disappointed that we have to react and answer all these questions again.”

.“The bad part is it isn’t fair to the 95 percent of his garage that is clean. But I want everybody in the world to know our sport is clean. I want fans and sponsors to know this garage is clean.”

Harvick and his wife, DeLana, own truck series and Nationwide Series teams at Kevin Harvick Inc. Harvick does not conduct drug tests for his employees.

Wait…you don’t test your own employees but you bitch about not enough drug testing in your “sport”…I’m confused.

Johnson, who has won the last two Cup championships, said he was shocked to learn about Fike’s admission.

“I cannot believe it,” Johnson said. “It’s absurd. I don’t know where things go from here. I’ve not been testing, but I’m confident every driver is willing to do whatever NASCAR decides to do.”

Athletes need to be drug tested. These guys have no need to ever be tested. OK Cheap shot at a “sport” I don’t care for…but I had to get that in…you know comedy relief.

OK that’s just plain wrong and rather disgusting…I bet he’s a Bama as well.

To tell you the truth, I’m not worried about NASCAR, in general. But, what I am worried about is the fact that a man can make millions of dollars driving a car 150-200 mph, while high on heroin. If Fike was driving on RACE day while doing heroin, imagine what he was on… when he was just headed to the supermarket.

This isn’t an ethical or a moral problem… it’s a safety problem… One that, as far as I’m concerned, is far more disgusting than Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens sticking needles in their gluts… I don’t know, maybe I’m the last sane person alive.

It is absolutely insane that NASCAR does not test drivers. It is just plain stupid, they need to test drives as well as crews that work down on pit road during the races. This is not a back woods beer drinking sport any more and NASCAR needs to wise up quick about this and do something.

More comic relief:

Remember that race when Fike was in the lead, but crashed when he thought the checkered flag was a pink dragon flying down from the sky to breath fire on his car?

Heroin is a hell of a drug. :)

NASCAR also need to do IQ and gene testing for some of their fans, IT’S ONE BIG DUMB HAPPY FAMILY, ayuk ayuk.

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