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McCready Confirms that Clemens is a Liar as well as a Cheater. This Will Impact the Rocket’s Lawsuit

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 30, 2008

In a statement Monday, Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin confirmed McCready was a longtime friend of Clemens and his family, but said the relationship was not sexual.

“At no time did Roger engage in any kind of inappropriate or improper relationship with her,” he said.

However McCready is singing another tune that is completely different. Albeit probably off key and out of tune.

Hiding behind tightly drawn blinds at her Nashville trailer Monday Mindy McCready confirmed a long-term affair with embattled pitcher Roger Clemens.

“I cannot refute anything in the story,” a tearful but resolute McCready said

“Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time,” McCready said, reading from a prepared statement. “He’s a kind and caring man. He’s also a legendary athlete. The central topic in the debate, however, regards his professional life, not his personal life.

“There are legal matters working their way through the system that have nothing to do with me. From my point of view, that is where the focus should remain.”

The Rocket filed a defamation suit against McNamee on Jan. 6. McNamee’s lawyer Richard Emery said revelations of the affair would have a big impact on that case because they influence Clemens’ claim that his reputation was damaged.

“If the case heads to trial and is not dismissed, as we feel it should be, we will be calling [McCready] as a witness,” Emery said.

“The point is whether he was damaged by the allegations that he used steroids – he claims he was hurt. But if there are other women – and there’s not just one case, but many – and he holds himself out as a family man and an American paradigm, it’s relevant.

“None of this would have been revealed but for his lawsuit and sanctimonious testimony before Congress.”

Nice use of the word sanctimonious there Emery.

Sources state in published reports that McCready also received hefty checks courtesy of Clemens – some in the amount of $25,000 – that were channeled to the singer through an intermediary.

Such an arrangement raises questions as to why Clemens would go through a third party to give money to McCready if she and the Rocket were “just friends”.

“It’s suspicious conduct, and it’s something that we will question Clemens about in a deposition,” McNamee lawyer Earl Ward said. “Every avenue will be explored at the deposition [in Clemens' defamation suit].”

McCready did her part to put some positive light on Clemens and his legal morass.

“I have no doubt that Roger has excellent legal representation and he will emerge from this a strong person and a revered athlete,” she said. “I wish him and his family the best.”

Details of the relationship could also emerge in several media projects that McCready is involved in, including a documentary film, which is to begin filming soon, a new album and a reality show.

Honestly this woman is train wreck. Clemens is blame for some of that but not all. However if anything this should help her. All of a sudden she’s “interesting”.

Unfortunately for Chris Hansen & Dateline NBC the statute of limitations for charging Clemens with statutory rape would have run out.

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Blake Mitchell Invited to the Saints Mini-Camp. What’s the Story?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 30, 2008

Former USC quarterback Blake Mitchell is going to get a shot to make an NFL team or so his family is claiming.

According to Mitchell’s family the quarterback has been invited to the New Orleans Saints mini-camp. He has not signed any contract.

Recruited by ex-USC coach Lou Holtz, Mitchell spent five years at USC. His most productive season was in 2005, when he passed for 2,370 yards and threw 17 touchdowns.

Now the real story is why are the Saints inviting such a mediocre quarterback? Surely it can’t related to anything about football. Certainly not with Drew Brees as the starter & Mark Brunell just signed to be the primary backup in March of this year.

The Saints might want to show Brees why he should count his blessings hence enters Blake Mitchell. I mean just when you’re getting down on yourself try and think what it must be like to be Mitchell, trust me you’ll feel instantly better.

Here are some scenarios that will likely happen at the mini-camp.

Scenario #1

Blake: Hi I’m Blake Mitchell reporting for camp.

Register: Mitchell…Michell I can’t seem to find you…oh wait here you are. You’ll find the broom, dustpan, mop & bucket in fourth door on the right. Just set your things down here and quickly clean the 2nd floor bathroom Reggie Bush went to Taco Bell again last night.

Blake: Wait…I thought I was invited to compete for a start

Register: Son I thought my wife would finally start swallowing after we got married…20 years later she’s still a spitter. Now go on and clean Reggie Bushs’ crap up or you forfeit your Greyhound ticket home.

Scenario #2

Blake: Hi Mr. Brees it’s sure great to meet you, I’m reporting to camp.

Drew Brees: Oh yeah I heard about you. Grab your toothbrush and clean my rims you loser.

Blake: I thought I was here to compete.

Drew Brees: You are we only have one janitor position available. You’re competing for that spot against the entire class of un-draftees Alabama produced.

I just hope they call his father “Nugget” before they cut him, since daddy Mitchell always cries because he isn’t the first to know.

I see Blake trying out (and failing) for the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance?”

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