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Dwyane Wade & Star Jones Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 2, 2008

There have some rumors flying around that Dwyane Wade and Star Jones have a thing. Sir Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith grilled him on that very subject last on Inside the NBA which airs on TNT. Here’s a transcript:

“We’re friends, just like a lot of celebrities. We are friends,” Wade said

“Are y’all close friends?” Smith asked.

“We’re good friends,” Wade responded.

“Are you the kind of friends that drink out of one cup with two straws? Those kind of friends?”

“We are friends. That’s all,” said Wade

“Good friends?” Barkley interjected.

“Naw, Chuck,” Wade said with a smile.

“I like Star. She’s a cougar.” Barkley said

“What’s a cougar?” Smith asked, not so innocently, a perfect lob to Barkley.

Sir Charles promptly slammed the ball home: “Preying on a young Dwyane Wade.”

Sweet! Perfect set-up pure comedy gold! For the record Wade is married with 2 kids. Jones just filed for divorce.

Jones and soon to be Ex. Look at the arm fat! Look at it!!! I command you!

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