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I Squeeze Elmer’s In Your Honor

Posted by Joel on May 4, 2008

RIP Eight Belles

For you gave your life through & through.

Now as you lie on a cold slab for autopsy,

Your remains will soon become glue.

You were an amazing philly,

Trying to chase the men.

All for a few bucks,

Gold diggin’ until the end.

The way you ran that race,

And snapped your front sticks.

All so your owners can get some cash;

Is their last name Vick???

As you go out

Into the great sky.

I hope you meet Barbaro in heaven

As your earthly bodies will take an hour to dry…

RIP Eight Belles…

2 Responses to “I Squeeze Elmer’s In Your Honor”

  1. zigzag said

    A replay of the race shows that about fifty yards out, she took a barely visible bad step. Of course it is up to the trainer, but I never have understood running a filly against males when there are so many excellent races written for fillies and mares. I guess you could say that Eight Belles and Barbaro is a “match made in heaven”.

    Unless something goes wrong with Big Brown between now and June 7, we have our first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed did it 30 years ago.

  2. zigzag said

    Now those assholes from PETA get in the mix with a demand to suspend Jockey Gabriel Saez for his failure to realize something was wrong past the finish. What asinine bullshit. Saez routinely rode the horse out after the finish. If a rider knew that a horse had broken both ankles do you think he would stay on? When Barbaro broke down in the Preakness, Edgar Prado got off the colt just as quickly as possible. The same was true for Saez. As soon as he realized something was wrong he was off Eight Belles. Accidents like that happen so fast that the rider has no chance to react. In the eighth at Churchill on May 2, Chelokee broke down in the upper stretch tossing Ramon Dominguez suddenly to the ground. There was no forewarning and in no way was the rider responsible. The same is true for Saez and Eight Belles.

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