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Mindy McCready Will Bypass the Jerry Springer Show

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 23, 2008

County singer, ex-Roger Clemens side skank and former jailbird, Mindy McCready, will not be appearing on the Springer Show to dish dirt about her torrid love affair with Clemens. I know, I know many of you are heartbroken over this. I mean how many times can some skank confront her lovers wife on the Springer Show?

Answer: Not enough. :)

With documentary filming all but finished, fans will soon be able to see the uncensored version of country singer Mindy McCready. The no-holds-barred look into McCready’s life will include what the film’s producer calls “her side of the Roger Clemens story.”

Clemens is no longer “screaming at the top of his lungs” how innocent he is, and what a liar that Brian McNamee is. Gee, I wonder why?

Since the breaking of the story between her and Clemens (yours truly was one of the first to ridicule Clemens “blog” about it) her documentary has suddenly gone from being titled “Another Washed-Up Country Singer” to “Fallen Angel” however before it’s said and done it could be titled “Hells Yeah I Slept with the Rocket.”

“She talks about everybody, what happened with Roger,” Blake Freeman, the “Fallen Angel” producer, told the Daily News. “July is the current target date for release.”

One should note that before the story about her and Clemens broke this piece of white trash mania artistic view of the struggles that exist within the country music industry was set to be shown on the CMT Channel sometime between two and three o’clock in the morning right before the ever popular “Thigh Master” info-commercial.

McCready, meanwhile, is re-launching her career after a string of recent personal setbacks, including a six-month stint in jail last year due to a probation violation. In addition to the documentary, there is a new album. She offers fans a free song, “I’m Still Here,” which she wrote in jail. (snicker)

In the video below McCready is dressed in a low-cut black top and with her blond hair pulled back and looking like a drag queen, McCready giggles like a teenager who just touched David Cook thanks her fans for their support in the clip. As for the recent onslaught of coverage, McCready dodges discussing her Rocket ties.

“I know that you’re reading crazy stuff in the papers right now. The headlines are truly nuts and I’m living it,” McCready says. “I would love to say so many things, but mostly I would like to say it to you in song.”

Plus she looks rather chunky as well….

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  2. besprinkle said

    besprinkle says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Danometer said

    I’d hit it … with a baseball bat.

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