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Odell Thurman Done Smoked Himself Retarded

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 3, 2008

Some players that attend SEC schools are complete nimrods and dumb asses while in school but then there’s other players that leave school for the NFL, NBA, MLB etc. etc. that just turn a 180º once they achieve their goal of turning into a professional athlete. One such athlete is Odell Thurman.

As a second-round draft choice in 2005, Thurman led the Bengals with 148 tackles, four forced fumbles and five interceptions. He was suspended by the league for four games in July 2006 for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. If you puff puff pass you don’t play play get paid in the NFL a novel concept really.

The suspension was extended for the rest of the year after Thurman was arrested by the Po Po on Sept. 25 for drunk driving. He later admitted in court that he is an alcoholic due to the jealousy of being second best to UGA IV.

Thurman applied for reinstatement before the 2007 season, but he was denied as well, setting conditions for his return by Roger “The Sheriff” Goodell. However Goodell did lift the suspension April 21, 2008, but the Bengals waived him last month when he failed to show up for offseason workouts, citing the death of his grandmother.

“His grandmother’s been buried for quite a while. Don’t get into his whole family structure,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis recently told local reporters. “We’ve been patient enough with Odell.”

Thurman’s representative, Safarrah Lawson, countered by saying:

“I will tell you, the death in his family he has taken extremely hard, much harder than I would’ve even thought. To lose the last remnant of his family [affected him].”

When my father died some years ago, I didn’t go on a drinking binge. I didn’t do any drugs. I didn’t get myself arrested. The only thing I did to get through it was work. Work is a good way to get away from things in your personal life that might not be so good and vice versa and it doesn’t require getting hammered or locked up. He’s a football player for goodness sake. He could have taken out all of his aggression, anger, hurt and any other emotion he was keeping pent up just by playing ball. It would have been a much more constructive outlet than what he chose to do instead.

Well guess what, Thurman is facing an indefinite suspension after violating the league’s substance abuse policy AGAIN! This is the second time in three seasons. Thurman is now wearing a silver and red F in his chest for FAIL.

All the people were questioning why the Bengals released Thurman. Well, now they got their answer. However I find it amazing that Odell might be banned from the league for his substance abuse PacMan and his 10+ arrests might be returning.

I would choose drugs over millions of dollars as well, it seems like the smart move!

There is nothing sadder in life than wasted talent. Odell Thurman has truly wasted his talent. This guy needs help, needs to get his life together, start making better decisions. He should forget about football. He may never be reinstated, but he has bigger issues to deal with. Football is a short lived career, and this guy should have many years to live after football. If he doesn’t change his ways, that life will be miserable, short, or possibly both. Truly sad.

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