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Look Out it’s Pain Killer-Gate!!!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 5, 2008

As much as the Patriots were eager to turn the page on Spygate at minicamp Friday, they’ve got another unwanted story on their hands, offensive lineman Nick Kaczur was arrested in April for illegal possession of the powerful painkiller Oxycontin and cooperated with federal agents in a sting of his alleged supplier.

(Cough NARC Cough)

According to Bernard Grossberg, the attorney for alleged scum bucket dealer Daniel Ekasala, Kaczur wore a wire to help agents build the case against Ekasala.

My only question is, did he use a federal supplied wire or the one he Bellichek made him wear in football games?

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent said in an affadavit that a cooperating witness — whose name was not revealed — wore a recording device during three drug buys in May in southeastern Massachusetts. In each of the deals, the witness bought 100 OxyContin pills from Ekasala for $3,900 in cash, the agent wrote in a six-page federal affidavit.

What is he doing buying hundreds of Oxycontin pills weekly? I would find it hard to believe that he was not supplying pills to his teammates; there is no way he was the only one taking them.

On Tuesday, Kaczur denied taking part in a federal investigation or buying drugs and said he was not familiar with Ekasala, the Boston Globe reported.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, bro,” Kaczur said “I don’t know where this is coming from. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Grossberg and two other people briefed on the investigation, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Kaczur was the cooperating witness in the case.

It just so happens that New York State Police charged Kaczur with criminal possession of a controlled substance following an April 27 traffic stop on the New York State Thruway.

Kaczur had been pulled over for speeding in Whitestown, N.Y., when police discovered the “controlled substance for which he did not have a prescription,” a substance identified as oxycodone, N.Y. State Police Sgt. Kern Swoboda said.

Getting “stomped out” and Spygate really has taken a toll on the Pats! Say no to drugs.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James declined to comment on Kaczur, according to the report. “We’re deferring all questions on this matter to the appropriate law enforcement officials,” he said and later added “Snitches get stitches!”

Kaczur’s agent, Vance Malinovic, said he was not prepared to comment on the case.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello also declined to speak directly to the case, according to the report. “It’s a law enforcement matter, and any questions should be directed to the appropriate law enforcement agencies,” he said.

Maybe the Pats should have had Brady carry a case of Oxycontin during the Super Bowl, then maybe Kaczur would have protected him.

The NFL does not test for Oxycontin but does prohibit the misuse of prescription drugs. Not to test is stupid in my opinion.

Grossberg said Ekasala, an unemployed construction worker and father of 2-year-old twins, has also been asked by federal agents to cooperate, but has repeatedly refused. He said Ekasala was “an extremely reluctant participant and was somewhat enamored of being friendly with or having contact with a professional athlete,” according to the report.

In other words he’s not a rat-fink.

“My client was always sympathetic to Mr. Kaczur and suggested to him many times, as the text messages will show, that Kaczur ought not to be doing what he was doing,” Grossberg said, according to the newspaper. “Professional athletes in this country are treated like royalty, and royalty sometimes abuses the people they come in contact with, and I think that’s what happened to Ekasala.”

Painkillers are NO joke…extremely addictive and within the culture of the NFL, they are seen as frequently as advil or aleve around locker rooms. If he was taking Oxycontin, he is basically taking Heroin.

Aside from violating the law, Kaczur is in violation of two ethics clauses the NFL has in place. The first, and not as serious is the anti-drug policy the league has (which needs to be overhauled). The second, which is taken more seriously, is the clause in every pro sport contract that each player must conduct themselves in a fashion that upholds the moral standards of the league. One and off the field.

While I’m strongly opposed to illegal drug usage I hate snitches more. He copped out to save his own ass. The guy has no prior criminal record (that I’m aware of) and possession is a minor crime by most accounts. He would have gotten probation, would have had to sign some autographs for some Boston kids via community service, and had to sign up for a drug rehab program. That’s it. He wasn’t even looking at time, in all probability. But noooooo, this guy is such a pansy that he goes snitch just to get himself out of having to have the inconvenience of meeting a probation officer.

Maybe Kaczur and Jose Canseco can hangout together.

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Proof that Coach Cutcliffe is Bringing “Big Boy” Football to Duke & the ACC

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 5, 2008

Thaddeus Lewis, left, and Leon Wright

Even though I still think it’s career suicide Coach Cut is bound and determined to make Duke into a powerhouse. Proof of this task was revealed yesterday morning when starting quarterback Thaddeus Lewis and starting cornerback Leon Wright were cited for underage possession of alcohol.

It’s obviously clear that Cutcliffe is starting with the basics first. The next thing you know the Duke players will do something crazy like throw a party, hire strippers and then be falsely accused of rape. Wait…my bad that already happened to the lacrosse team. Maybe Coach Cut needs to speed up this process and have the players start smoking pot.

Lewis and Wright, both 20, were given Breathalyzer tests after they were stopped at 1:51 a.m. Both registered a .03 blood alcohol level. The legal limit is .08 however because both players are under 21they were issued useless citations for underage drinking.

A Duke spokesman said the school would not comment on the citations, and Duke football coach David Cutcliffe would handle the matter internally.

Normally when an a situation like this is handled “internally” it means being suspended for the cupcake games…just one problem…Duke is everyones cupcake team. Can we say police ride-a-longs anyone?

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