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World Domination Will Soon Be Ours!!! And it Starts With CNN!!!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 7, 2008

I’m not sure what the hell to say about this. At this moment Joel is outside looking to kick Dan Rather’s ass because we actually got linked by CNN of all people.

Yeah I know hell must have frozen over. Look out MSNBC we’ll be bitch slapping you next.

4 Responses to “World Domination Will Soon Be Ours!!! And it Starts With CNN!!!”

  1. Danometer said

    WTF is right, who do Billy Bob Bammer blow to get Ted Turdner’s attention? And will your hoster be able to handle the extra traffic without charging you the other arm and leg?

  2. TideDruid said

    Obama-Thomas 2008 I take it?

    (not professing any political preferences, it’s just that Obama has gotten a lions share of the press coverage)

  3. Hot Link of the Day…

    The dude at Raw Sports Blog wrote a good review of the Florida Gators, believing they will finish 11-1.
    Losers With Socks states the obvious – Bama Cheats.
    The Nasty Boys celebrate their one-year anniversary in the blogosphere.
    Your Mother Slept With W…

  4. yojoe said

    TtT – At one time Dreadnaught led you in blog stats. Now you are up by 100 k. Way to go. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for college football to start.

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