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Bye Bye Benson

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 10, 2008

Cedric Wilson is a sad Care Bear today because he is officially unemployed. The Bears placed Benson on waivers Monday, two years before the end of his contract and three years into a disappointing career with the team.

Insert obligatory Jerry Jones joke here.

“Cedric displayed a pattern of behavior we will not tolerate,” Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement. “As I said this past weekend, you have to protect your job. Everyone in this organization is held accountable for their actions. When individual priorities overshadow team goals, we suffer the consequences as a team. Those who fail to understand the importance of ‘team’ will not play for the Chicago Bears.”

Reporters waited for a statement from Angelo as he walked off the field on Monday, but he said the team might have a statement later in the day.

The statement turned out to be an action. Benson’s name appeared on the NFL’s waiver wire Monday afternoon, ending the three-year relationship.

Though the 5-foot-10, 220-pound runner claimed his innocence on both DUI charges, the team apparently lost faith in him. Because he’s been in the league for only three seasons, Benson does not have his contract automatically terminated. He can be claimed by any other interested team on waivers.

Not taking Mendenthall will now really sting. They can deal with no passing game. No running game and the bears are top 5 draft bound. Urlacher was their best pick, but I’ll say the really bad picks outweigh the really goods. Bears will be wasting a prime defense this year, because they can’t draft offensive players worth a damn.

Before his release, Benson made one last-ditch failure effort to repair the situation, issuing an apology on Monday afternoon.

“I apologize for making the poor decision to drink and drive during the early morning of Saturday, June 7th,” he said in a statement. “Given the incident last month, it was a particularly bad decision. I have no excuse for this lack of judgment.

“Though I strongly believe that I am not guilty of any crime, I realize that the public and the Bears organization hold me to higher standard. Though my local attorneys will continue to work hard to prove my innocence, I confess to using poor judgment. Please accept my deepest apology.”

I’ll take blatantly stupid athletes for $1000 Alex.

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life ……..son.

People are ticked because a guy with so much talent is blowing it all. Being a starting running back in the NFL is something 99.9% of us can only dream of. He is living the dream and seems determined to screw it up. His performance on the field is sub par, and that is being kind. His off field actions are inexcusable. Part of his big paycheck is to be held to a higher standard. He can’t even live up to a lower standard.

He is part of a team and his actions do affect that team. Off season does not mean he is living in a vacuum. I don’t think the Bears want their franchise associated with drunk driving. It’s all about marketing and you can’t really market drunk drivers.

Jerry Jones is foaming at the mouth right now, he has no soul.

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Point/Counter Point Ken Stabler

Posted by Little Bear Cub on June 10, 2008

Former NFL star quarterback Ken Stabler was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol for the third freaking time.

Stabler, now a radio analyst for University of Alabama football, was released from jail on $1,000 bond nearly 13 hours after his arrest, police said Monday.

To bring a riveting point/counter point here is Billy Bob Bama & Thomas the Terrible

BBB’s Point: Stabler is the man! He can do whatever he wants. RTR!

TTT’s Counter Point: YEAH, You GO Kenny…Go kill someone because you got drunk and are too stupid to call a cab. You can do whatever you want!! Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: A lot of people love you, man, but you have to stop drinking and driving. RTR

TTT’s Counter Point: What a joke. Take this guys license away and never give it back. Does someone need to be killed first? Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: Doesn’t he have his Raiders Get Out Of Jail Free Card? RTR!

TTT’s Counter Point: He fits in the SEC quite well these days. Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: You dont have to stop drinking PACE YOURSELF. RTR

TTT’s Counter Point: Was he with Cedric Benson? Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: Kenny has never hurt anyone. RTR

TTT’s Counter Point: The Snake hasn’t lost his touch for mixing the heavy drink with fun. Of course, being a Crimson Tide broadcaster won’t help him much with the school which might put up with a drunken coach but not an inebriated announcer. Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: Snake, you’re better than that. No wonder he can’t find his way to the NFL HOF, which he needs to be in! RTR

TTT’s Counter Point: Now I know why they call him “snake”. He always slithers on his belly from the bar to his car. He knows how to play QB. Now, he will learn to play CATCHER in the state pen. And he thought he sacrificed his body on the football field. Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: I never knew he drank. It’s sad when your heroes disappoint you. RTR

TTT’s Counter Point: The Snake was a great quarterback, but apparently, he’s an idiot behind the wheel of a car. Bama Cheats!

BBB’s Point: Alcohol cuts across all racial, economic and gender lines. RTR

TTT’s Counter Point: Someone get this guy a beer!!! Bama Cheats!

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