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Marcus Vick Wants Everyone to Know that he’s Still Alive

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 16, 2008

Marcus Vick, the brother with lesser importance of Michael Vick, sent a shout out to the world last Friday proving that he is still alive and still an idiot by being arrested and charged with driving under the influence and eluding police.

Mama Vick just has to be so damn proud. I believe the family is scheduled on the Jerry Springer show some time next week.

Police said a uniformed bicycle patrol officer observed Vick and a female involved in an altercation in a car around 2 a.m. The officer asked if his assistance was needed, then asked Vick for his driver’s license. Police say Vick then sped away, but was stopped minutes later.

THIS IS SOOOOOOO SHOCKING!!!! Who knew this guy was capable of getting in trouble. Especially with the line of “pedigree” he comes from!! (I’m being facetious of course.)

I’m sure Jerry Jones has already called his agent…twice even.

The concept of bicycle cops just cracks me up. The fact he was stopped by one makes me almost pull a Ken Stabler and piss my pants. In the words of a wise cartoon character…Nelson Muntz….. “Ha, Ha”

Vick failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI, misdemeanor eluding police, reckless driving, driving on the wrong side of the road and of course driving on a suspended license. The passenger, Delicia Cordon of Miami, Fla., was charged with being drunk in public. Delicia is pictured on the left. Go ahead and click it.

This is truly a sad story…..I mean, that car could have been seriously damaged.

Vick was released from jail at 6 a.m. Friday on $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court today.

Vick was kicked off the Virginia Tech team after repeated brushes with the law and misbehavior on and off the field. In March 2006, following his junior year, Vick’s guilty plea to traffic violations in Hampton brought the end of his college career because Virginia Tech had him under a zero tolerance policy.

What a WASTE OF LIFE!!! He had some potential in college (but big shoes to fill at VT). Then he did all his stupid things in college to get in trouble on and off the field. He was lucky to even get picked up from an NFL team. Then instead of being appreciative that he’s actually gotten so lucky and made it to that level (where thousands of REAL “college athletes” work their ass off their whole life and don’t make it) he slumps around, gets cut, gets signed by practice squad…and now he’s back in the news again after all of the crap that he did with ANOTHER negative thing.

I’m sure none of this has to do with his big brother giving him everything once he made it pro instead of earning things himself…Range Rover, expensive clothes, nice house, all courtesy of big bro while he was in high school/college. What a joke the Vick legacy has become. Mom and dad must be real proud. Maybe Marcus just misses his big bro a lot and he’s trying to get locked up with him so they can hang out everyday. At least when Marcus looks back to tell his grandchildren he can say that he played in the NFL. Oh wait, he only played one game. Oh wait, he didn’t even play he was just activated. Then he was cut and resigned by the practice squad and cut again from the NFL. My bad, guess you better leave the whole football thing out to the grandkids

I guess I should take an over under on which if any of the Vick boys will be free men in 2010.

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Saban Supports Drunks!!! Wait I think the Whole Fanbase Does…

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 16, 2008

Alabama coach Nick “The Liar” Saban said he supports Kenny Stabler and hopes he remains as the Crimson Tide’s radio analyst for football games when he’s sober, following Stabler’s recent arrest on a third drunken driving charge.

I guess saban can sympathize with Stabler. he must like the sauce as well. Remember that “accident” over the holidays? Anyone…anyone?

Saban described Stabler as “a great ambassador for this university.” The former Tide and NFL quarterback’s arrest in Robertsdale was his third DUI arrest since 1995 and has led to speculation about his job status with the Crimson Tide Sports Network and Learfield Communications.

Great ambassador? You’ve got to be kidding me! This is someway Fulmer’s fault.

“We support Kenny,” Saban said “He’s a good guy, I love him, and I want him to be here. I wish he could’ve come here (Thursday). He does a great job on our broadcasts, and we’re hopeful that this doesn’t have a negative effect on his future with our organization.”

A statement from Learfield Communications, which holds the multimedia rights for Alabama sports, said the company’s main concern was for Stabler’s well-being. Alabama athletic director Mal Moore also said Stabler needs the support of friends Jack Daniels, Makers Mark, Jose Cuervo and Jim Bean. However Moore commented about the fact he didn’t trust Cuervo due to a possibility he might not have “proper” documentation to remain in the country.

Stabler has said he looks forward to resolving the matter in court and then proceeded to piss himself.

After three times,Stabler does not need to be praised. He needs to seek help.Absolutely nothing to be proud of. He not only put himself at risk,but the family and friends of each of us. Anyone caught driving intoxicated should have driving privileges revoked. Don’t drink and drive.

A jackass and a drunk ass!


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Oh God! Mark Your Calendars I Wrote an Article about South Carolina While not Bashing Them!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 16, 2008

You know I give South Carolina a lot of hell. I mean A LOT of hell. See here, here & here for more details. However the track team has certainly earned my respect.

While the team was in Des Moines at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Des Moines is a city that’s been hit hard this week by storms, and now, is facing rising flood waters. Chunks of the city have been evacuated, and even the team would ultimately have to relocate.

Curtis Frye saw all the problems first-hand Friday morning, and he decided to do something about it.

Three vans full of coaches, players, and staff went to the local United Way there, then drove to a sand-bagging site to fill bags for two hours.

“We have a lot of strong-bodied, healthy athletes here. We teach our kids to give back to the community and we wanted to help out the people of Iowa,” said Frye in a written release. “We talked to the captains at our shake-out at 8:15 am and everyone on the team was excited and ready to go in a matter of minutes. We would want Iowa to help us in a disaster so it was an easy decision to lend a hand. I’m so proud of our efforts.”

“This is a lot of fun, but it’s not easy. I loved played in the sand as a kid,” said shot putter Jason Cook.

“I am glad we came out here. I know they need our help,” said 400m hurdler Johnny Dutch. “I might have a new job as a guy who ties sandbags.”

Must…resist…urge…to crack…on…Johnny Dutch….

OK That’s over with. I think it’s wonderful for these kids to get out of an air-conditioned motel room and get out to help their fellow man.

So many times I write about the bad things that a USC (and any other) athlete does! Way to go USC Track team and Coach Frye!! You guys are a CLASS ACT and make me proud to be South Carolinian. However I still say GO VOLS!

The track team has earned my respect. I tip my hat to them.

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