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I Rooted for the Celtics so That Makes Me Evil

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 18, 2008

First off congratulations go to the Celtics for winning their first title in something like 20 something years. I’ll admit I was rooting for them. I’m not a Celtic fan but I was hoping they would win so players like KG, Pierce and Allen would get a ring. I also tired of hearing how the West Coast division was so much better than the East Coast. With that being said I’m evil in Jemele Hill’s eyes. :) She is a fellow Detroit fan like me.

In her original column railing against the Celtics, Jemele Hill wrote, “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan.”

That’s not cool only the Yankees and Alabama should compared to Hitler. (I’m just joking Bama fans) Let’s all go to her website, this woman says stupid things and send her a nice message. What a tool this woman is. For punishment she should have to cover the WNBA for the rest of her life.

Hill’s piece was posted on late Saturday, and a spokesman for the sports powerhouse Ohio State and New York Yankees biased cable channel said yesterday that the crude comparison was edited out within hours.

The newly edited version of the piece, “Deserving or not, I still hate the Celtics,” is still online.

ESPN has released a statement that said:

“The column, as originally posted, made some absolutely unacceptable comparisons. We’ve spoken with Jemele, and she understands that she exercised poor judgment.”

“Both Jemele and apologize. Within hours of its posting on Saturday evening, the inappropriate references were removed from the site, and we are thoroughly reviewing the entire situation.”

When asked how Hill’s remarks made it onto ESPN’s Web site, ESPN spokesman Paul Melvin said there was a “breakdown in the system of editorial checks and balances.”

“We’re normally quite proud of the editorial judgment exercised here, but this was clearly an exception to that,” Melvin said.

Along with the statement, Hill was suspended yesterday as well.

I have watched Hill fill on for Jim Rome…her head moving around like a bobble head! Could not stand watching I really don’t like her.

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I remember when people who wrote about sports focused on the events and the athletes instead of focusing on how much more outrageous than their colleagues they could be.

Yesterday, Hill amplified on her earlier apology:

“In expressing my passion for the NBA and my hometown of Detroit I showed very poor judgment in the words I used,”

The funny thing is that in an April 2007 piece, Hill called for radio host Don Imus to get canned after his controversial 2007 “nappy-headed hos” slur.

“He is routinely offensive to people of color and women,” Hill wrote, “and if he needs to lose his job to understand that there is no place for that, so be it.”

Can we say hypocrite?

The devil’s advocate side of me says:

Granted, it was a dumb statement. But all she did was use a metaphor. She didn’t compare the Celtics to Hitler. She said that as a Pistons fan, it was as impossible for her to root for them as it was to believe something totally false, using her her Hitler statement as an example of that. Doesn’t compare with Imus, who used his statement as an actual description of the people who was talking about.

At the same time, this choice of metaphor in an attempt at humor is nonetheless extremely offensive. It trivializes the whole WWII experience and belittles the terrible suffering of millions. But Hollywood & the press have been doing that for years. In fact we had a comedy show (“Hogan’s Heros”) based on a POW camp that taught a whole generation to partake in this trivialization.

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